Breaking Point

Breaking Point

by Tom Clancy

Book #4 in the Net Force series, published 2000

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In the year 2000, computers are the new superpowers. Those who control them control the world. To enforce the Net Laws, Congress creates the ultimate computer security agency within the FBI: the Net Force.

Reeling from a shattered personal life, Net Force Commander Alex Michaels is informed that top secret information from a joint Air Force–Navy venture has been accessed and downloaded. The research involves an atmospheric weapon with the capability to drive half a country into madness using low frequency wave generation. Now the technology has fallen into the wrong hands–and testing has begun…

In a small village on the Chinese coast, the wanzanzi suddenly strikes among the inhabitants. Peace-loving citizens fight each other; police officers shoot each other down. Half the population is dead by evening. The government cannot find an explanation for this sudden outburst of violence.

Then Net Force commander Alex Michaels learns that documents have been leaked with secret information about a cooperation project between the air force and the navy. The project investigates the possibilities of using electromagnetic radiation for defensive purposes. High-quality technology that could cause a lot of damage in the wrong hands …