The Unknown

The Unknown

by Heather Graham

Book 35 in the Krewe of Hunters series
published 2021

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Someone wants to watch the city burn…

Sienna Murray was only fourteen when she pulled her neighbors out of a raging house fire. A decade later, she still can’t explain what happened that night, how she knew to save them at just the right moment—or why she receives the same mysterious warning when it happens again…

Sienna is a small-town girl who loved her grandmother and stayed close to her throughout the very end. When Sienna’s grandmother warns her to help a neighbor, this is the start of something paranormal for Sienna … for the rest of her life.

New member of the Krewe of Hunters elite paranormal team FBI agent Ryder Stapleton doesn’t believe in coincidences. So when the suspicious fire he’s called to investigate reveals a cryptic link to Sienna, he can’t help but think the unassuming museum curator has something to hide. But he soon discovers they have more in common than he ever thought—and a growing attraction neither can deny.

If they’re going to have a future, Sienna and Ryder need to catch a serial arsonist roaming the shadowy streets of New Orleans…before the city burns down around them.

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