Deadly Touch

Deadly Touch

by Heather Graham

Book #31 in the Krewe of Hunters series, published 2020

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She knows where to find the body…

When Raina Hamish tries on a dress in a Miami boutique, she has a terrifyingly accurate vision of a murdered corpse in the murky shadows of the Everglades. She wants to help, but who would believe her when she can hardly believe herself?

Raina Hamish, an animal trainer, really didn’t expect trying on a dress would lead to a vision of a dead body. In the Everglades. Luckily FBI SA Axel Tiger from the crack paranormal team hears about it and not only believes her, he springs to action to use her info to find the villain he’s been stalking.

Special Agent Axel Tiger has returned to Florida to help hunt a serial killer, but the investigation doesn’t have much to go on. Raina’s vision is their best chance to uncover more. Axel’s experience with the FBI’s elite paranormal team will nurture Raina’s abilities, and she may be able to help save a life—but it puts her directly in the crosshairs of a killer who is closer than they would ever suspect.

As Axel and Raina work together to nurture Raina’s abilities, they’re also double checking everything they have. But can they catch a killer before someone else is killed?