The Forbidden

The Forbidden

by Heather Graham

Book 34 in the Krewe of Hunters series
published 2021

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She is someone’s darkest desire

Playing the victim of a vampire king on an island off New Orleans is actress Avalon Morgan’s creepiest role to date. It’s also scary good fun—until the victim of a real killer is discovered on set, laid out for all to see. With production shut down, Avalon can’t stop thinking about the chilling crime scene, or Finley Stirling, the FBI agent working the case.

Avalon, an actress on the set, has just completed a scene with her made to look beautiful lying on a tomb, as it is a scary vampire movie. At the end of the day, Avalon takes a walk around the island with a friend with whom she discovers the body of their makeup artist friend, who was laid out to lok exactly like the scene Avalon had just done.

With a rising body count and zero leads, Fin can’t help but be impressed by Avalon’s amateur sleuthing, which takes her to the darkest corners of the internet, where killers confess their crimes. One such account is a dead ringer for the murders, but when the evidence vanishes, nobody believes Avalon—except for Fin. With no one they can trust, Avalon and Fin are determined to unbury the truth at any cost, but a return to the deadly island could be the last thing they do.

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