by Mark Dawson

Book 22 in the John Milton series
published 2023

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A long weekend in Dublin. What could possibly go wrong?

John Milton is working in a hotel kitchen while searching for information on the Group Fifteen agent who betrayed him in Russia. His plans are upended when a deadly shooting places an innocent young girl in his path. Aided by an enigmatic woman he meets in the hotel, he rescues the girl and plunges headfirst into a deadly feud between two criminal families feuding in the run-up to a high-stakes MMA fight.

In the underbelly of the city, where alliances are as brittle as glass, Milton must navigate through treacherous secrets and betrayals, ensuring the safety of the girl while locating the only person who can clear his name. The fight draws closer and the stakes are raised – survival becomes a race against time.

In a world where loyalty comes with a price, and the truth is often disguised, Milton will have to use all his wits and skills to protect the innocent, uncover the truth, and make it out alive.

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