The Art of Falling Apart

The Art of Falling Apart

by Mark Dawson

(published 2001)

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A story of greed, duplicity and death in the flamboyant, super-ego world of rock celebrities.

Dystopia have rocketed up the charts in Europe, so now it’s time to crack the American market. The opening concert in Las Vegas is a huge success — but secret envy and open animosity have begun to tear the group apart.

The lead singer, Vid, is on a roller-coaster of self-indulgence and egomania… Jared, the lead guitarist, increasingly resents being shouldered out of the limelight…

Spin, the warm-up DJ, just cannot resist a dangerous extra-marital adventure… nor can their manager, Alex, resist the lure of personal gain that greed and duplicity could bring him.

Then one of them dies, in an apparent accident, and there begins to unravel a chilling saga of dark emotions, cynical manipulation, and murderously ruthless self-interest.