by Mark Dawson

Book 5 in the Beatrix Rose series
published 2023

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Beatrix Rose will stop at nothing to find her missing daughter, Isabella. When the ruthless Triad overlord, Michael Yeung, offers to help in exchange for a small favour, Beatrix is forced to venture into the treacherous jungles of Venezuela to take down a local bandit terrorising an illegal goldmine run by the vile Aurelio Rincon.

But as she battles her way through the jungle, she uncovers a dark secret that pits her against a private army and corrupt government officials. Caught between the rebels who believe she has been sent to save them and her own troubled conscience, Beatrix must make a choice that could cost her everything she holds dear.

As the violence escalates and the true extent of Rincon’s empire is revealed, Beatrix must fight to survive and protect her daughter at all costs. Will she emerge victorious, or lose her soul in the process?

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