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In this post, I’d like to recommend you a few authors similar to James Patterson.  He has a ton of crime mystery books released. In fact, he has so many books that a list of James Patterson books in order had to be created.

James Patterson author
But what if you’ve read everything the author has written so far? What if, while waiting for James Patterson’s new book, you want to read something similar? Something equally engaging, with a similar writing style (granted, that’s not always possible since all authors have their unique styles of writing), and something that has books in series for you to start reading?

You might have read their works, but maybe you didn’t. And maybe you will find here a gem or two that will keep you engaged until James Patterson’s new book gets published.

But first of all, how can we define James Patterson’s books? What makes this author so popular with the readers and critiques alike?

James Patterson is truly one of the best-known thriller authors of our times with his bestselling series Alex Cross. If you ask anyone what series he wrote so far, invariably everyone’s mind jumps to Alex Cross. It’s no wonder since that particular series was at times advertised on TV. Also, the author’s books are extremely fast-paced. With short chapters, the action is there from page one. It is even said about his book pages that they “turn themselves,” and with good reason.

James Patterson has a rather bare, hold-no-barrels style of writing. He says it like he sees it. In one interview, he mentioned that “showing off can get in the way of a good story”, and his belief was an anchor to all his 150 or so books written to date.

So here are what many readers consider to be authors similar to James Patterson. If you have additional ideas, let us know in the comments section.

Michael Connelly

Michael ConnellyMichael Connelly is right there up with James Patterson in popularity. When someone reads the books by one author, they usually move on to the other as well. So how is Michael Connelly an author similar to James Patterson?

Michael Connelly is the author of the best-selling series Harry Bosch. The same series that was turned into an Amazon TV series featuring Titus Welliver. The author’s books are fast-paced as well and they are action-packed as they go.

One difference between the two authors that I see, however, is that Michael Connelly seems to focus more on his characters’ development than James Patterson, who is really all about the action. Michael Connelly wants his characters to be as real-life as possible. Every detail is important to him. But don’t let that deter you from picking up his books because you will find more similarities than divergences in the two author’s works overall.

If you want to catch up to the author’s series, make sure you read all the Michael Connelly books in order.

Lee Child

Lee Child authorLee Child is another author who, I think, needs no introduction. He is best known for his Jack Reacher thriller series, one that is as action-packed as the previous two author’s works.

Jack Reacher is a former American military policeman who can’t stay for too long in one place and has to move around the country as soon as he solved the case that held him down at his current location.

Reading the Lee Child books in order is strongly advised, since you get to learn about his main character, Jack Reacher, from the very beginning. Each book reveals a little about Jack, the drifter with a heavy past, and makes him a very intriguing character.

Patricia Cornwell

Patricia CornwellThis is an author who is loved by pretty much any James Patterson fan and is similar to James Patterson in the fast-paced action of her stories. The Patricia Cornwell booklist consists of her beloved Kay Scarpetta series, her Andy Brazil series and the Winston Garano series. But, honestly, nothing beats Kay Scarpetta. She is a strong and smart person who is not afraid to sometimes show her softer side as well.

If you start this series, I suggest you also read them in order. Patricia Cornwell gives depth to each of her characters, not only main but also secondary. For example, her niece Lucy, and her colleague, the bullheaded Marino, are gradually growing on us with every consecutive new book.

All the author’s books are fast-paced and full of suspense, just like James Patterson’s books.

John Sandford

John SandfordJohn Sandford’s best-known series is Prey/Lucas Davenport. The series has already 28 books (with the latest one published in 2018), and it’s a series well-worth picking up. Reading the John Sandford books in order for this series, but also for his others ones, including Virgil Flowers and Kidd, are a must. Seriously.

Do not start the series from the middle. Lucas Davenport is a very interesting character, a detective in Minneapolis, and also a war games designers, whose traits are unveiled a bit in each book. Some of the books actually go back to earlier times in Lucas’ life and give us glimpses into what he was back in the day. For example, Buried Prey (his book #21) goes back some three years before the first Prey book. Also, some of the stories are interlinked, so you will miss out if you start the series at, say, book 20.

The books by John Sandford are similar to James Patterson’s books as they also have this fast-paced trait where you can’t stop turning the pages as fast as you are able to. The author’s plots are well-crafted, superb even, and his characters are properly fleshed out.

Sue Grafton

Sue GraftonIf you ask anyone about who Sue Grafton is, the first thing they will tell you is that she’s the alphabet author. And they’re not wrong. Sue Grafton has only ever written one series, and what a series that is! Of course, because of this, reading the Sue Grafton books in order can’t be simpler: just follow the alphabet!

However, do not ignore reading them in order. Sure, each story is separate, but there is an interlinking whereby new books always refer back to older ones. Also, you’ll miss out on a great character progression.

Kinsey Millhone is a more relaxed character than those listed for the previous authors, including James Patterson. She is a bit more humorous but not over the top so. While solving her crimes, she is always munching on those unhealthy snacks and junk food. Hm, I wonder if that’s how the author wants to kill off her character at some point: by getting serious health issues due to all that junk clogging her arteries or worse. Interesting thought.

Jeffery Deaver

Jeffery Deaver authorJeffery Deaver is best known for his Lincoln Rhyme series featuring the quadriplegic FBI agent who solves sometimes almost impossible to solve crimes while lying down on his bed paralyzed, and while being helped by his team, including his love, Amelia Sachs.

Lincoln Rhyme is a very keen observant with a very sharp eye. His mind is nothing short of brilliant. Despite his disability, he can solve crimes like many who have nothing physically to complain about. From being close to dying (he wanted to end his life), he became, once again, full of life and energy (at least mental energy).

So how is Jeffery Deaver as an author similar to James Patterson? The Jeffery Deaver books are fast-paced, highly entertaining and extremely suspenseful. However, I have to admit, I don’t think I have read any other book where the main character’s room at home became the main command post for all the FBI operations involving him directly.

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