Spy Thriller Author John le Carré Died at Age 89

John Le Carre spy thriller author

The prolific espionage author John le Carré died December 12, 2020, from pneumonia, following a short bout of illness unrelated to COVID-19. John le Carré, real name David Cornwell, is considered a classic spy fiction author with bestselling novels such as The Spy Who Came In From The Cold, and Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy, several of which were made into box-office movies like The Constant Gardener, The Tailor of Panama and Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy. David Cornwell was born in Poole, Dorset, in 1931. After school, he went on to study at the university of Bern, in Switzerland, and then […] Read more »

Clive Cussler, Author of the Dirk Pitt Novels Dies at Age 88

Clive Cussler

Clive Cussler, the author of the bestselling adventure series Dirk Pitt, passed away on Monday, February 24, at the age of 88. While the cause of death has not been confirmed yet, the author’s wife, Janet Horvath, shared on Twitter, It is with a heavy heart that I share the sad news that my husband Clive passed away [on] Monday. It has been a privilege to share in his life. I want to thank you, his fans and friends, for all the support. He was the kindest most gentle man I ever met. I know, his adventures will continue. Over the […] Read more »

Bestselling Suspense Book Author Mary Higgins Clark Died at Age 92

Mary Higgins Clark, one of our favorite suspense book author known for bestselling novels like Daddy’s Little Girl, and Where Are The Children, passed away on Friday, January 31, at the age of 92, surrounded by friends and family. Known as the “queen of suspense,” she wrote over 50 books during her long-time career as a bestselling author. Her latest book was Kiss The Girls and Make Them Cry, published in 2019. Two of her books, including also A Stranger Is Watching, have been turned into movies, and a few others have been made into TV films. She wrote books even after […] Read more »

The Cleaner by Mark Dawson in Hardcover For the First Time

The Mark Dawson John Milton series, featuring the popular British ex-assassin, comes for the first time in hardcover. And the cover is shiny, clever, and really, really beautiful. John Milton has been often described as the British Jack Reacher, which is quite curious because Lee Child is also a British author, albeit his Jack Reacher is an American hero. Milton is the one main asset, the main assassin the British government has kept hidden and ready for action when they need a special kind of problem solved. Except Milton wants out. So he does the only thing he can: he […] Read more »

How Crime And Thrillers Overtook Other Genres In Sales Today

mystery and thriller books

For the longest time, crime and thrillers were trailing behind genres like romance and general fiction. Yet, for some reason, things have drastically changed as of very recently. At least in the UK, 2017 has seen a sharp rise in the sale of books by crime and thriller authors based on the latest findings by Nielsen BookScan, seeing an increase of no less than 19% since 2015, when other general fiction was still king of the industry. The following article in The Irish News goes more deeply into the numbers behind this strange new trend of the sudden shift in […] Read more »

Author James Patterson Starts a New True-Crime Series With ID

Murder Interrupted James Patterson

The bestselling thriller author James Patterson has teamed up with Investigation Discovery to start a new true-crime series titled Murder is Forever, to start which will air on ID in January 2018. While James Patterson has teamed up with Albert Einstein activists to create a new book series recently, the joint venture with ID is a new venue for the author in the murky waters of true crime. The ID series will be based on the new book by the author titled Murder: Interrupted. When it comes to reading the James Patterson books in order, the focus is mostly on the […] Read more »

James Patterson and Albert Einstein’s Archivists Create New Book Series

James Patterson author

James Patterson, the author of the popular Alex Cross books and numerous other thriller series and standalone novels, has been quite busy recently. Not only is he writing a new thriller novel with the ex-president Bill Clinton, titled The President is Missing, a book which will be turned into a TV series by Showtime and is starting a new true-crime book and TV series teaming up with Investigation Discovery, but he has also teamed up with the managers of Albert Einstein’s archives, located at Hebrew University in Jerusalem, to develop a series for kids, middle schoolers to be exact, one that […] Read more »

The Tom Clancy Jack Ryan Amazon TV Series Coming in 2018

John Krasinski as Jack Ryan

I’m so excited! I love the Tom Clancy Jack Ryan series. I have been reading the books from the very first one, Patriot Games, many years ago, and still love it even after several other authors like Marc Cameron, Grant Blackwood, and Mark Greaney took over the series when Tom Clancy passed away. So I’ve been following the news since 2015 about a new TV series which was in production to be released sometime in the future. And finally, the production has concluded and now the first teasers of the series are out. The actor to play Jack Ryan is John […] Read more »

Best 2017 Mysteries and Thriller Lists

Best mystery books

While Amazon has revealed their best mysteries and thrillers of 2017 quite early, other sites, magazines, and newspapers have published their 2017 favorites in the genre as well. Here are the top lists of the mysteries and thriller genres. New York Times Best Crime Novels  of 2017 The Thirst, by Jo Nesbø (published by Knopf) The Force, by Don Winslow (published by Morrow/HarperCollins) Fierce Kingdom, by Gin Phillips (published by Viking) The Driver, by Hart Hanson (published by Dutton) Lightning Men, by Thomas Mullen (published by 37Ink/Atria) Two Kinds of Truth, by Michael Connelly (published by Little, Brown) The Midnight […] Read more »

Why I No Longer Give Star Ratings For Book Reviews

book star rating system

Well, after writing book reviews on my site for over four years now, the time has come to no longer show the star rating at the end of each review. It was a tough decision, one that I should have taken a long time ago. So what caused the change of heart? Well, it is the discrepancy that often exists between the quality of traditionally published books and self-published books by indie authors, something that I’ve struggled for a while now but never knew how to approach in my reviews. Recently I started to write book reviews on another site called […] Read more »