Author James Patterson Starts a New True-Crime Series With ID

Murder Interrupted James PattersonThe bestselling thriller author James Patterson has teamed up with Investigation Discovery to start a new true-crime series titled Murder is Forever, to start which will air on ID in January 2018.

While James Patterson has teamed up with Albert Einstein activists to create a new book series recently, the joint venture with ID is a new venue for the author in the murky waters of true crime. The ID series will be based on the new book by the author titled Murder: Interrupted.

When it comes to reading the James Patterson books in order, the focus is mostly on the author’s Alex Cross series, However, if the new true-crime series really takes off both in books and on TV, this is one worth checking out regularly as well, even if the reading order doesn’t matter all that much (the episodes are all self-contained).

ID, also called Investigation Discovery is American’s most-watched true-crime TV series of all times. In fact, it is one that people all over the world are watching where ID is offered on TV. So the partnership between one of the best thrillers and the true-crime channel is bound to give some great and shocking results overall.

Each new episode that will be aired on ID will be unique, however, each is based on a real case that actually happened. The stories will be self-contained, so there is no reason to watch them in proper order, but watching them, overall, is recommended.

The first ID episode will air January 22, and it will focus on the regular, church-going couple Frank and Nancy Howard, whose lives were forever changed when a hitman showed up at their doorsteps in 2009. Who hired the hitman and who should have been (or will be) dead?

The episodes aired on ID will also feature in a new James Patterson book. The first one, Murder Interrupted is available to purchase from January 2, 2018. Further books will have the titles Home Sweet Murder, and Murder Beyond the Grave.

The books will be published by Hachette Groups, an imprint of Grand Central Publishing.

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  1. This so exciting. I love his books and some of his shows on Netflix. I will be watching!!

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