Why Are People Drawn To The Crime Genre?

Last Updated on November 28, 2017

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Everyone is familiar with the crime genre. There are countless works about it, from the popular Sherlock novels to less popular mystery series and standalone crime novels that only sell a couple hundred copies.

But what makes the crime genre appealing?

It’s a guilty pleasure

Strangely, murder is among the most appealing of topics according to Shots Magazine, regardless if it’s fact or fiction. People get intrigued by different stories surrounding crime. Though these acts can be horrifying, there’s that pleasure in figuring out how everything happened.

It gets the audience to think, as well as to feel

Everyday Psychology tackled people’s fascination with murder and other crimes, saying that it gets people to wonder, posing questions like “Would I have felt the same way?” or “Would I have done the same thing?” Then there are the familiar feelings of suspense, fear, shock, and relief which are always present in these stories.

It’s realistic

Even if the story is fictional, acts of crime and violence are all too real. Granted that some actions may be over the top and unimaginable, still, something along those lines can happen, or happened already.

It’s entertaining and highly informative

You can solve puzzles, especially in crime mystery. You can also learn a lot from the genre, like crime scene procedures, legal proceedings, and even human behavior.

It empowers the readers

This is observed more in terms of female audiences. The Guardian stated that many crime novels involve female victims, and that draws women readers in because they want to see how the victim will get her justice.

It can be reinvented over and over again

Crime stories are elastic. Though the core drivers are the same: acts of crime, different ways, premises, and tools may be used in these stories.

It provides a sense of justice

Like aforementioned, crime stories allow a place in which justice triumphs. In a world that has terrorist attacks, rape, murder, and other wicked dealings virtually anywhere, it’s always good to see light eliminate darkness. Additionally, readers can also get various social issues addressed in these kinds of tales.

All in all, the crime genre is like traveling to new lands: the discoveries are endless. In every story, you may experience something different. At the same time, you can also catch that familiar feeling you want while reading. It’s like dark chocolate – bitter and dark, but still, you need your fair dose, for it is healthy.

Every story is a risk. At times, the events instill nightmarish scenarios, and they can haunt you with disturbing images. It’s a gamble. You wonder what hand the author has, but all you can see is his/her poker face. Then they show their cards. You either feel relief as you’ve anticipated the move, or freak out from the shock of their reveal. You go back because the suspense is always there. You’re always so close to something happening. You pull the lever and see if what comes out matches the card containing your forethoughts. It’s like the wheel of fortune; you anxiously wait where the wheel will land to see your fate.

At the end, you feel good that you’ve braved the whole macabre of a story. And you want more so you look for your next book. You can’t quite get enough. Just when the things start to calm down, the thrill comes back a few pages later. For every puzzle solved, countless more appear. For every justice served, there’s another perp with another vile act. And for every case closed, another one immediately opens.

The crime genre is more than just that – a genre. For both authors and readers, it’s a way of life. Do you want to be on the righteous side? Keep reading to see how criminals get what they deserve. You want to know how it feels to be naughty or bad? Go on, imagine you’re the antagonist. No one will punish you for it. Just remember though, “Crime does not pay.”

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