Tracker by James Rollins (Sigma Force Series #7.5)

Tracker by James RollinsTracker was the only one I haven’t read in the Sigma series by James Rollins. It’s a rather short novella, and it’s the 7.5th in the series, coming right before Bloodline to introduce Tucker Wayne, an ex-Army Ranger, who is accompanied by his dog, Kane.

I assume the main reason for bringing this short novella to life was to introduce the new member of the Sigma Force team, Tucker, and his military dog. The story, however, has literally nothing to do with any of the other members, it’s just him and his dog, saving a damsel in distress in Hungary.

As short as the book was, I loved it. One reason is that of James Rollins’ way of writing that captures the attention right away. Also while Tucker is a great character, his canine partner, Kane, literally stole my heart. I love dogs and this one is as best as it gets. Tucker and Kane have a language of their own which allows him to give short commands to Kane to do various tasks, many of which are life-saving, as you will see in the book.

And finally, another reason why the book is close to my heart is that it happens in Hungary, a country where I’ve lived for several years. I’ve even been on some of the streets in Budapest mentioned in the book, and I had a sense of nostalgia when reading the descriptions.

What I was really grateful for, however, were the Hungarian names that were not botched up like some of the authors do (Hungarian names are often difficult to write and placing the proper accent on the letters is not always easy). Kudos to James Rollins for doing it right.

As for the story, it all starts with Tucker and Kane sitting at a table minding his business when he notices a woman walking past and entering the restaurant, who seems to be rather in distress.

He senses something is wrong and goes after her, especially when noticing a few shady characters rather interested in her as well.

The story is rather short, so I won’t spoil it for you, but it’s really worth reading it. Parts of the story were told from Kane’s perspective, and it shows that Kane and Tucker have a special relationship that even transcends the usual human – dog friendship. The canine is as alert as it goes, and he has his own strong personality. I love the part where he made friends of previous enemies only to help his master and friend, Tucker.

All in all, it was a well rewarding novel, and if you haven’t read book #8, Bloodline, then Tracker will fit right in. Even if you’ve read the main James Rollins books in the Sigma series, you’ll find this short novella intriguing, especially if you love books featuring dogs who save lives.

Tracker by James Rollins
Series: Sigma Force Series #7.5
Published by William Morrow
Published 2012
Genres: Adventure
Source: Purchased
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