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Book Review: Wait for Dark by Kay Hooper

Wait for Dark is yet another excellent addition to the Bishop / SCU paranormal thriller series by one of my favorite authors, Kay Hooper.

In this latest book, the team is sent to investigate a series of unfortunate, but strange accidents in a small mountain town in North Carolina called Clarity.

Sheriff Mal Gordon feels that there is more to these accidents than meets the eye, and knowing that he is way over his head in this, calls Bishop for help. And of course, never passing an opportunity, Bishop sends his troops to check things out.

For this particular case, Bishop assigns Hollis Templeton to be the head of the team, which causes a minor uproar from Hollis since she is not so sure she can control her many different abilities that are growing against her wishes or control.

However soon she accepts the assignment and heads her team over to Clarity.

What comes out in the first hours of the investigation is that all the four dead people have a particular message on their phones with the text “Wait for dark”. This already strengthens the case for their deaths being anything but an accident, and the next question is … what if there is a serial killer on the lose?

Hollis feels a different, strange kind of evil lurking about, one which makes her very uneasy right away. Not only that, but she is for once not so sure she can defeat this powerful evil on her own.

She has seen her more than a fair share of evil even before joining the SCU and later, during one of her assignments, she became a victim and almost died of something that everyone else alive would have. This only made her stronger, however also made doubt herself of whether she can control her new abilities.

After that for the longest time, Hollis avoided dealing with the attack, suppressing it all instead.

And now it seems that it’s only Hollis who can feel this new evil lurking just behind the shadows, an evil who feels her ever-growing power and is more than willing to make her life a living hell.

So can Hollis defeat the monster without losing herself in the process?

Of course, Reese, her lifeline, and her love is there to help and keep her out of harm’s way. But how can he protect her against something unseen which only Hollis seems to know that exists?

If you’ve noticed by now, I talked a lot about Hollis. She is, in fact, the main, shining character in this book. Everyone else is relevant, of course, and there is a ruthless killer to stop before more lives are taken, but Hollis, her inner demons and her unfolding relationship with Reese was at center stage in this book.

I know some people gave fewer points for it, but I didn’t mind. I enjoy reading about Hollis and her growing (even for her unknown) powers, so I found myself immersed in her quirky, dark and complex world.

Here we see yet another winner by Kay Hooper with a book that revealed just a bit more about the CSU team. A team that I got to care very much about.

Wait for Dark
Series: Bishop / SCU #17
Published by Berkley
Published: 2017
Genre: Paranormal thriller
Source: Purchased
Also by this author: Hold Back the Dark, Haunted, Hostage

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