Book Review: The Gone World by Tom Sweterlitsch

The Gone World by by Tom Sweterlitsch

I’ve just finished reading The Gone World by Tom Sweterlitsch, and I’m still confused by many aspects of it. The book is a mix of thriller and sci-fi time-travel story. If focuses on Shannon Moss, an FBI agent working for a secret brand of the NCIS which is dealing with time and space travel. She is sent to the future to investigate a possible ending of the world through something called the Terminus. For Shannon, it all starts in 1977 when she is investigating the gruesome murder of a family which incidentally lived in the same house her best friend […] Read more »

Book Review: Hold Back the Dark by Kay Hooper

Kay Hooper Hold Back the Dark

Hold Back the Dark is the latest installment in the Kay Hooper Bishop/SCU paranormal thriller series. I’ve been reading the books from the very first one and I got hooked right away. Now I’m always getting the latest sequel as soon as it’s out, literally within days. Reading the Kay Hooper books in order is a real treat if you like anything paranormal in your mysteries and thrillers. The author has this genre down pat. I think my ever first book was Once a Thief in the Quinn/Thief series, and soon after I discovered the Bishop series as well. In Hold […] Read more »

A Rare Book of Cunning Device by Ben Aaronovitch (Peter Grant #6.5)

A Rare Book of Cunning Device by Ben Aaronovitch

A Rare Book of Cunning Device is the latest offering by the popular urban fantasy/mystery author Ben Aaronovitch. At only some 30 minutes of listening time, the book is very short. It was primarily written to raise money for Cityread, an event celebrated each April in London whereby people read only one book a month. It is basically a novella, and it’s only available on Audibles as it’s published as an audiobook exclusive narrated by Kobna Holdbrook-Smith. The book is also free, at least for now. I usually don’t listen to audiobooks, but since it was so short and it’s a Peter […] Read more »

Wicked Deeds by Heather Graham (Krewe of Hunters #23)

Wicked Deeds by Heather Graham

Wicked Deeds is the latest book in the Krewe of Hunters paranormal thriller series by the author Heather Graham. I have so far read all the Heather Graham books, including this latest one, however, it seems that I took my sweet time in posting this review for it. Krewe of Hunters is the author’s series that I like the most. I could devour each book as soon as it is published, and I hope it won’t end anytime soon. In Wicked Deeds, the two main protagonists, historian Vickie Preston and Special Agent Griffin Pryce, can’t wait to start their new […] Read more »

Big Easy Evil by Heather Graham (Cafferty and Quinn #3.7)

Big Easy Evil Heather Graham

Big Easy Evil is the latest offering by the popular romantic suspense author Heather Graham. I have so far read everything the author wrote, except some of the novellas and short stories, so I figured what better way to increase my Goodreads 2017 Reading Challenge count than by reading a few quick stories before the end of the year, including this fun Halloween paranormal tale. The book is part of the Cafferty and Quinn paranormal series. For anyone who hasn’t read this series yet, the books are set in New Orleans and they feature Danni Cafferty and Michael Quinn. Danni is […] Read more »

Sleep, Savannah, Sleep by Alistair Cross

Sleep Savannah Sleep

Sleep, Savannah, Sleep by Alistair Cross is a standalone psychological thriller with some hints of supernatural (the supernatural elements only start in the second half of the book). Jason Crandall, recently widowed, decided to start life anew in another part of the country. So he took his two kids (Brent, his almost 18-years-old son, and Amber, his small, cute, and smart daughter), packed his bag, and left Los Angeles to move to a small town called Shadow Springs, where he could work as a massage therapist, something that he hasn’t done in a long time. Soon after arriving at Shadow […] Read more »

The Dark Net by Benjamin Percy

The Dark Net by Benjamin Percy

The Dark Net is a standalone novel by Benjamin Percy, an author that until now was new to me; thus I didn’t know what to expect when I picked up the book. And nothing prepared me for what I was about to read. Even after reading the blurb and a few Goodreads reviews, I had an entirely different notion of what the book would be compared to what it ended up being. After the first few chapters, I thought the book would be a novel about … the Dark Net and the illegal tradings going on there (and yes, which […] Read more »

Book Review: Wait for Dark by Kay Hooper

Wait for Dark is yet another excellent addition to the Bishop / SCU paranormal thriller series by one of my favorite authors, Kay Hooper. In this latest book, the team is sent to investigate a series of unfortunate, but strange accidents in a small mountain town in North Carolina called Clarity. Sheriff Mal Gordon feels that there is more to these accidents than meets the eye, and knowing that he is way over his head in this, calls Bishop for help. And of course, never passing an opportunity, Bishop sends his troops to check things out. For this particular case, […] Read more »

Full Wolf Moon by Lincoln Child (Jeremy Logan #5)

Full Wolf Moon by Lincoln Child

Jeremy Logan is an enigmologist, meaning his job is to investigate things out of the ordinary, weird, in one word, enigmas. Things such as the Loch Ness monster, Yeti, and even ghosts. Full Wolf Moon, Lincoln Child‘s latest novel finds Jeremy on his latest surprising (even to him) adventure. All Jeremy wants is finish in peace the historical book he started writing a while ago, and for this, he goes to an isolated writer’s retreat where he would not be disturbed. He is deep in the Adirondacks mountains at a guest house which prides itself on keeping the guests (writers, singers, […] Read more »

Collecting the Dead by Spencer Kope (Special Tracking Unit #1)

Collecting The Dead by Spencer Kope

Magnus “Steps” Craig is a human tracker working for the FBI. Using his tracking abilities he finds people (victims, dead or alive), and helps the FBI solve difficult cases. His true talent, however, is not known to many: he can see a person’s “shine”, the aura that the person leaves on any object they touch or any place they step on. His ability has formed an entire department around it called the Special Tracking Unit. Without Steps there is no Unit. But the only people who know about the true nature of Steps’ success are his partner Jimmy Donovan, his […] Read more »