Enemies of the State by Tal Bauer (The Executive Office #1)

Enemies of the State Tal Bauer

I normally read traditional thrillers full of action, suspense, and a memorable main character that reads will talk about for years. This main character may or may not have someone he loves. Usually a woman. Enemies of the State by Tal Bauer is the first book in an M/M political thriller that I was not quite sure how to approach, as the M/M genre is quite new to me. Having put aside all my preconceptions and let go of everything I was taught until now, I dove in and came up for air well halfway through the book realizing that […] Read more »

Book Review: Kill Zone by Kevin J. Anderson

Kill Zone by Kevin J. Anderson

I was in the mood for some disaster thrillers and saw the new book, Kill Zone, by Kevin J. Anderson & Doug Beason. I haven’t read anything by this author duo before, although I’ve noticed they’ve written several thrillers so far, so I gave it a go. And, let’s just say, it didn’t disappoint me. What could go wrong when a team of experts enters a decommissioned Cold War-era nuclear warhead facility which now has been turned into a secret nuclear waste dumping ground, especially when there is something else hidden in that Hydra Mountain facility that is even more […] Read more »

Book Review: Political Dirty Trick by James R. Callan

Political Dirty Trick by James R. Callan

Political Dirty Trick by James R. Callan gives us a glimpse into what is really going on during political campaigns. While sometimes the right candidates get elected, at times the political dirty tricks swing the pendulum enough for the other party to win. Crystal Moore flies to Texas to help her long-time family friend Ron Drake, who is campaigning to become the next governor. He is clearly the best candidate for the job, and the polls are there to prove it. When the difference between the two candidates becomes too big, someone figures the only way to stop his backing is a […] Read more »

Book Review: Chasing Ivan by Tim Tigner

Chasing Ivan Tim Tigner

Chasing Ivan is a prequel novella in a spy thriller series by a new author to me, Tim Tigner. After recently reading Mark Dawson’s latest John Milton book, I got in the mood once again to read spy and political thrillers. You know, those in the veins of Jason Bourne, Jack Reacher, Pike Logan, Mitch Rapp, and so on. But I wanted to read something new, to find new authors. And find I did. First I picked up Ben Coes’s Dewey Andreas series, and having finished the latest book, a related Goodreads screen showed me the Kyle Achilles series by […] Read more »

Book Review: Shooting Gallery by Ben Coes

Shooting Gallery Ben Coes

I’m a huge spy-thriller fan, and I’ve been meaning to read the Dewey Andreas series by Ben Coes for a while now. I know that a new book is being released later this year with the title Bloody Sunday, so I got all the previous books, loaded them on my iPad and took them with me on my holidays abroad to read. Currently, the latest published book is a short novella titled Shooting Gallery, with Bloody Sunday to be published next month in July. Now, Shooting Gallery is just a short story, but it’s just as action-packed as the author’s […] Read more »

The Cuban Affair by Nelson DeMille

Nelson DeMille The Cuban Affair

The Cuban Affair by Nelson DeMille is the latest book by this popular political thriller author. When you are reading the Nelson DeMille books in order, you will notice that the author has several series under his belt, including his famous John Corey series. The Cuban Affair starts right now as a standalone novel. However, the author admitted that at some point he would like to continue the adventures of Daniel (Mac) MacCormick in a second novel of a possible series. Mac is 35 and is a civilian. He is back from two tours in Afghanistan (he is a decorated […] Read more »

Tom Clancy Power and Empire by Marc Cameron

Tom Clancy Power and Empire

Tom Clancy’s Power and Empire is the latest book in the Campus series written by Marc Cameron. Reading the Tom Clancy books in order always brings confusions to many people because, while there are several different series in the Tom Clancy Universe, they are more or less interconnected. For example, in Power and Empire, the president Jack Ryan is present, along with the old John Clark, and the Campus group as well. So where do you really place this book, because each group had something going on in Power and Empire? As usual in the Tom Clancy books, here different […] Read more »

Infamy by Robert K. Tanenbaum (Butch Karp #28)

Infamy by Robert K. Tanenbaum

Infamy is the latest installment in the Butch Karp thriller series by the popular author Robert K. Tanenbaum. I have to admit that this is the first book I have read in the series, and while I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to follow along, all my worries turned out to be unfounded. Infamy can be easily read as a standalone thriller. “Butch” Rogert Karp is a prosecutor and chief of the Criminal Courts Bureau, who is working together with his wife, the assistant District Attorney Marlene Ciampi in New York. In Infamy they are given the case of a former […] Read more »

Twisted Wire by Ray Stone (Enda Osin #2)

Twisted Wire by Ray Stone

Twisted Wire is the second book in the Enda Osin Mysteries by Ray Stone. It is also the second book I’ve read by this author. The first one, Isia’s Secret caught my attention because part of the plot took place in Cyprus, the very island I live on for the last 20 or so years. Of course I was excited when the author sent me the second book in the series to read and possibly review. Enda Osin is a political columnist who writes brilliantly, but who gets himself in trouble all too often as he has the knack to […] Read more »

Isia’s Secret by Ray Stone (Enda Osin #1)

Isia'S Secret by Ray Stone

When the author, Ray Stone, contacted me to read and review his latest book Isia’s Secret, I didn’t know what to expect. He did mention though that part of the story takes place in Cyprus, and even when it doesn’t, the island of Cyprus is prominent within the entire book. This definitely got my attention because Cyprus is the island where I’ve been living for the last 18 years since I moved here to my husband from other parts of Europe, so I agreed to read it as I truly got curious about it. It did take me a while to […] Read more »

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