The Cuban Affair by Nelson DeMille

Nelson DeMille The Cuban Affair

The Cuban Affair by Nelson DeMille is the latest book by this popular political thriller author. When you are reading the Nelson DeMille books in order, you will notice that the author has several series under his belt, including his famous John Corey series. The Cuban Affair starts right now as a standalone novel. However, the author admitted that at some point he would like to continue the adventures of Daniel (Mac) MacCormick in a second novel of a possible series. Mac is 35 and is a civilian. He is back from two tours in Afghanistan (he is a decorated […] Read more »

Ghost Ship by James Rollins (Sigma Force Series #12.5)

Ghost Ship Sigma Force Series

While reading the latest book in the James Rollins Sigma series, I’ve decided to review Ghost Ship, even though it’s just a tiny novella of hardly 30-pages long. I wanted to read the two books closely together because what happened in Ghost Ship with Seichan and Grey Pierce will bear on the storyline of the next full book. As novellas go, this one is extremely short. However, is is fully fleshed-out, with a somewhat lighter story than we are used to in the usual Sigma books. Seichan and Grey took a half-year sabbatical from the Sigma organization to recover and […] Read more »

Origin by Dan Brown (Robert Langdon #5)

Origin by Dan Brown

I’ve been eagerly waiting for Origin by Dan Brown to be published. I even knew the exact day it would come out, and when it was finally released, I bought it right away. That’s how much I love the Robert Langdon series by one of my favorite authors. Out of the blue, Robert Langdon receives a last-minute invitation from one of his former students to attend an exclusive event that only select people are invited to. Edmond Kirsch has made a name for himself among the high-tech world geeks with various inventions that are way above what the current society […] Read more »

Jacks Are Wild by Monique Martin (Saving Time #1)

Jacks are Wild by Monique Martin

Jacks Are Wild is the first book in the new series by Monique Martin, titled Saving Time. Before I continue with the review, a bit about the history of the author’s books. Monique Martin has become popular through her Out of Time historical time-travel series. I’ve read all the books, however I haven’t reviewed them on Mystery Sequels, because they are not within the scope of the site. Sure, there is adventure involved in each book, but still, they’re not truly crime mystery novels. Then enter Saving Time. This new series follows Jack, one of the main characters in Out […] Read more »

Dogs of War by Jonathan Maberry (Joe Ledger #9)

Dogs of War Joe Ledger Maberry

When I saw the book up for grabs at Netgalley, I jumped at the opportunity to read and review it. And I tried to read it, but soon I had to close the galley copy and wait until the book was published so I could buy it. I love all the Jonathan Maberry books, and Dogs of War didn’t disappoint. This galley copy was sadly the worst I have ever gotten from Netgalley. I t wa s some thing lik th is through out the ent ire boo k which additionally included 200 empty pages with only a big black box […] Read more »

Panacea by F. Paul Wilson (ICE Sequence #1)

Panacea F Paul Wilson

Panacea is the first in the new ICE Sequence series by F. Paul Wilson. It is also part of his Secret History of the World series. I picked up Panacea because I love the author’s Repairman Jack series. I was really sad when the series ended, however knowing that there are other books in the Secret History to read, gave me some relief. I am now slowly going through the various books, putting pieces of the puzzle together and learning how it all fits. It is a fascinating world. Panacea introduces us to a world where miracles indeed exist. And lets us meet […] Read more »

The Seventh Plague by James Rollins (Sigma Force Series #12)

James Rollins The Seventh Plague

The Seventh Plague is the latest book in the Sigma Force series by one of my favorite authors, James Rollins. Professor Harold McCabe and his archaeological team vanished some two years ago in the Sudan deserts. His family just about gave up on him when lo and behold, he was seen coming out wobbling on his feet, hallucinating about something, apparently quite ill. Before he could get home, meet his family and tell his story, however, he dies of a mysterious disease. His body is shipped to Egypt where doctors are trying to find out what he died of. His […] Read more »

The Bone Labyrinth by James Rollins (Sigma Force Series #11)

The Bone Labyrinth by James Rollins

The Bone Labyrinth is the 11th and latest novel in the Sigma Force series by James Rollins. A new book will be released end of the year with the title The Seventh Plague, and I honestly can’t wait for it! James Rollins is one of my all time favorite authors, ever since I’ve first read Subterranean, an early standalone novel, back in the day. His Sigma Force series is one that I never miss reading and I hope it will never end. In this latest story, an ancient Neanderthal woman’s bones are discovered in a hidden underground Catholic chapel in Croatia […] Read more »

Kill Switch by Jonathan Maberry (Joe Ledger #8)

Kill Switch Jonathan Maberry

Kill Switch is the latest book in the Jonathan Maberry Joe Ledger series. He is an author that I have on my automatic preorder list, along with Douglas Preston&Lincoln Child duo and James Rollins. I’ve read pretty much everything that Jonathan Maberry has ever written, including both his Joe Ledger and his related (yet zombie-infested) Rot & Ruin series, and with all the books out there so far, this author doesn’t seem to slow down in the interesting, suspenseful and highly addictive department. Joe Ledger is famous, feared and loved by friends, while deeply hated by enemies. He is also […] Read more »

Prime By Jeremy Robinson (Jack Sigler #0.5)

Prime by Jeremy Robinson

Prime by Jeremy Robinson is the intro story to his Chess Team / aka Jack Sigler techno-thriller series. I have to admit that prior to reading this book, my only experience with Jeremy Robinson’s work was through reading Island 731. And I have to admit that I was not impressed by it at all. What prompted me to start reading Prime were a few Goodreads reviewers who equally didn’t like much Island 731, but really enjoyed his Chess Team series, as well as his Kaiju series. I figured I’d give the author another chance, and let’s just say I never regretted my decision. Right now […] Read more »