Ghost Ship by James Rollins (Sigma Force Series #12.5)

Ghost Ship Sigma Force SeriesWhile reading the latest book in the James Rollins Sigma series, I’ve decided to review Ghost Ship, even though it’s just a tiny novella of hardly 30-pages long.

I wanted to read the two books closely together because what happened in Ghost Ship with Seichan and Grey Pierce will bear on the storyline of the next full book.

As novellas go, this one is extremely short. However, is is fully fleshed-out, with a somewhat lighter story than we are used to in the usual Sigma books.

Seichan and Grey took a half-year sabbatical from the Sigma organization to recover and just relax for a bit. They’ve been away to various countries until they landed in Australia, where they came across the same problems they were going away from.

When they are horse-riding along the beach, their guide takes them to a swampy area where they stumble upon a body. The guide recognizes the dead man as being a biologist who discovered something interesting and seemingly died for his discovery. So now the trio has to find out not only the truth about the scientist’s death but also find the rest of the biologist’s possibly abducted team before it’s too late.

The next pages take us on a scuba-diving adventure among coral reefs, a few centuries-old secret, and an old ship which might or might not have some lost treasure on board.

I enjoyed this tiny story, the prequel to the next book, The Demon Crown, which I’m reading right now. We meet some characters that were present in an older Sigma book, and it’s fun to meet these people once again. Of course, only if you read the Sigma series in order as a die-hard fan will you understand this crossover.

One aspect I always like reading in James Rollins’ books is the last extra chapter, after the story is over, where the author describes what is true and what is not true in the book.

Now on to The Demon Crown

Ghost Ship by James Rollins
Series: Sigma Force Series #12.5
Published by William Morrow
Published 2017
Also by this author: The Eye of GodTrackerThe 6th ExtinctionInnocent BloodThe Bone LabyrinthThe Seventh Plague, The Demon Crown

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