The Last Town by Blake Crouch (Wayward Pines #3)

The Last Town by Blake Crouch

The Last Town is the third – and most certainly the last book – in the Wayward Pines trilogy by Blake Crouch. Reading the Blake Crouch books in order includes this trilogy as well. Sadly, this trilogy was one of the worst to review. Spoilers are kept at a minimum – if at all because even the smallest hint of what is going on will give away way too much. And these books are truly best enjoyed reading them blindly, with absolutely no knowledge of what is going on at all. It is because nothing is as it seems, and […] Read more »

Wayward by Blake Crouch (Wayward Pines #2)

Wayward by Blake Crouch

I can’t believe it’s been two weeks since my last book review! I’ve been away on a well deserved holiday, visiting my parents abroad. Now I’m back and ready to review books again. Wayward is a book I’ve read quite recently, and I’m aware that there are older books I still need to review, however the Wayward Pines series featuring Matt Dillon is still on TV,  so I thought it’s best to finish reviewing the trilogy before the series ends. Right now the 10 part mini-series is well into the second book, if not already started the third. So Wayward, […] Read more »

Pines by Blake Crouch (Wayward Pines #1)

Pines by Blake Crouch

Pines is the first book in the Wayward Pines trilogy by the author Blake Crouch. I had this book on my TBR list for a while, and the reason I’ve decided to pick it up now is that of the new TV series that has just started based on this very series featuring Matt Dillon (one of my favorite actors). Before starting the book, I’ve read all the reviews on Goodreads and Amazon about it – and didn’t get any wiser. With other books, you usually realize the genre and at least have a vague idea what the story is […] Read more »

Akaela by E.E. Giorgi (Mayake Chronicles #1)

Akaela by E.E. Giorgi

First of all I have to admit that I love everything by Elena Giorgi, so I might be a tad biased in my reviews 🙂 Akaela is the latest offering by this fast rising author, who started her writing career with her popular Track Presius series. This new book however, the first in the Mayake Chronicles, is catered towards the young adult readership, although I have to say it can be easily read by anyone – and I say this as I am over the age of 45 already. The author has a knack for writing sci-fi futuristic thrillers with some paranormal […] Read more »

Book Review: World of Trouble by Ben H. Winters (The Last Policeman #3)

World of Trouble by Ben H. Winters

World Of Trouble is the third and last installment in The Last Policeman trilogy. I was sorry to see the series end, but I was happy that it ended on a note which was quite fitting, staying true to what happened so far. The story in all three books takes place in a pre-apocalyptic time, meaning that bad, irrevocably bad things are just about to happen (as opposed to post-apocalyptic, where things happened and the few humans left are trying to somehow survive in the harsh new world). Hank Palace is a detective, probably the only policeman left in the whole […] Read more »

Prototype by M. D. Waters (Archetype #2)

Prototype by M.D. Waters

Prototype is the second – and sadly the last – book in the Archetype dystopian thriller series by the author M.D. Waters. In the first book, Archetype, we have Emma Wade waking up from an accident, with her husband Declan sitting next to her with a loving look in his eyes. Her journey takes her through weird territories where she realizes that she might not be who everyone tells her she is. Her dreams and voices in her head tell her another story entirely. In Prototype we meet Emma one year after the happenings in Archetype. When people close to […] Read more »

Antitype M. D. Waters (Archetype #0.5)

Antytype by M.D. Waters

Having just published yesterday my list of favorite books read in 2014, which also included Archetype by M.D. Waters, I remembered that I also have the prequel and the second book in the series. Having liked the first book quite a lot, my next read was instantly decided, so this morning while having my breakfast, I picked up Antitype and started reading. Needless to say, by the time I finished my breakfast, I also finished the short, but very rewarding, novella. Archetype is set in a dystopian world where fertility is a major problem, and where women are sold to […] Read more »

Gene Cards by E. E. Giorgi (Skyler Donohue #1)

Gene Cards by E. E. Giorgi

Gene Cards is the first book in a new series by the author E. E. Giorgi, best known for her Track Presius mystery series. Her new book is labeled dystopian in genre, however having read it, I think it’s a complex futuristic techno-thriller at heart. The story is set in the near future in the year 2056, in a time when human genes play the crucial role in defining who a person is, and as a consequence in splitting the world in two: those who have healthy gene are living a ‘normal’ life in an enclosed city, whereas the unlucky […] Read more »

Archetype by M. D. Waters (Archetype #1)

Archetype by M. D. Waters

If there are 10 books that will have blown my mind away for the year of 2014, Archetype by M.D. Waters is definitely one of them. It was so good, I couldn’t put it down until I read it cover to cover. Sadly I will have to wait for the second (and last) book in the two part series, called Prototype, until July. Archetype is not your regular mystery novel. It is really more of a dystopia set in a futuristic world where infertility is a major issue. The way things are going on in our world today, I can […] Read more »