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While books don’t cost a fortune, when you keep buying and buying them, the money does add up. That’s why I like to check out today’s free Kindle mystery books – every day. You’d be surprised just what gems you might find when you’re looking for something new to read, something that doesn’t cost anything.

Sure some are marketing ploys that get you to read the first book in the series for free, only to have to pay for the rest – but let’s face it, if the book is good, you’d buy it anyway right?

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So here are today’s offerings in free Kindle mystery books – I can’t vouch for the fact that tomorrow these are free again, but at the time of me posting this, I could download all of these books for free to my Kindle app to read on my iPad.

The Crown of Thorns

Crown of Thorns – The Race To Clone Jesus Christ by Ian C. P. Irvine (published in 2011), this is the first book in a two parts series, and it is free to download to your Kindle. The two thriller books deal with genetics and human cloning, something that fans of Dan Brown and David Baldacci and John Grisham will enjoy. Btw the second part of the book right now costs less than $3, which is a steal in my opinion.

Don't Slay the Dragon
Don’t Slay the Dragon by Rachel Lucas (published in 2012) is the first in the The Chronicles of Elizabeth Marshall series which currently includes 3 books. What I especially liked about this book is that even Goodreads gives it a high rating (I usually trust Goodreads’ rating more than that of Amazon, since there can be so many fake reviews, I do get weary at times). I’ve downloaded this book as well, and it’s on my TBR shelf to read soon.

The Santa Shop

The Santa Shop by Tim Greaton (published in 2002) is the first in The Samaritans Conspiracy mystery series. Having read this book a few years back, I can vouch for how good it is. It’s quite suspensful and I think I was very touched by it because it deals with the emotions and traumas of a person thinking of suicide0

I read it in a time when someone I know actually committed suicide, so it was all still very raw in my mind and heart. A really good book, recommended. Even Goodreads has great reviews on it.

Secrets The Michelli Family series

Secrets by Kristen Heitzmann (published in 2004) is the first in The Michelli Family series. It is a trilogy which ended in 2007 with the book Echoes. I’ve read the whole trilogy a years ago and I really liked it. Now there are some people who might not enjoy it because of the genre0

It’s a mix of Christian mystery, chick lit and drama, but a very well written book (all of them are well written, actually), I must add. It has lots of secrets, it is full of suspense, and a great book to read on a Sunday afternoon.

Redwood Violet

Redwood Violet by Robin Mahle (published 2013) is a book that is a new discovery for me as well, and I’ll be reading it soon. Goodreads reviewers recommend for any psychological suspense mystery lovers. It is the first in a new series, and  since the book itself is a very recent publications, the second book is not yet out. I’ve downloaded it to my Kindle app and will start reading it when it’s closer to the date of publication of the second book.

So there you have today’s recommendations of top free Kindle mystery books that can be downloaded at Amazon without paying a cent – at least for today. Some of these books will remain free for a longer time (especially when they’re the first in a series), so it’s always worth checking out what is free now.

There are, of course, many more free mystery novels for the Kindle that you can check out, and here is the full list to browse through.

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  1. I always wish I had more time to read; but the nice thing about a Kindle is you can get it for free when they are -then save it for later. Also a great thing is then you don’t have a pile of books sitting there waiting for you :).
    Thank you for posting this as I am interested in the “The Santa Shop”.

  2. Thanks for sharing this. I often cruise the Kindle free book section for mysteries. It is nice to see reviews from a real person before checking out the book.

  3. Thanks for sharing. I forget that you can get kindle books for free. I love a good mystery. I have some favorite artists and I generally listen to books via audio while I’m driving. A perfectly relaxing way to deal with long drives

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