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MarikaFor most of us reading books is an unmatched pleasure, a hobby that often feels more like passion. For many of us reading mystery and thriller novels is pure bliss. We love a good crime story, solving the puzzles along with the main characters and being there when they reveal the hidden mysteries within. And some of us, depending on the mood, prefer scary, chilling thrillers to cozies, you know…the gorier the better.

And there is an even smaller group of us who love reading mystery and thriller series more than standalone novels, pretty much like watching a coveted TV series is more pleasurable to a 2 hour movie which ends, never to return again.

I am such a person and if you are on Mystery Sequels, you might be one of us as well. We are a special breed of people who thrive on the story continuity on a loop, on seeing the characters develop and grow over time, and on knowing that as soon as we finished a book we can come back to our favorite friends in the very next one. This makes for one heck of an anticipation and thrill.

There is a problem with mystery series, however, one that confuses lots of readers. With so many books to read, which series are the best to pick up next? And with so many series already written, how do I know where to start or which book comes next?

There are literally millions of books out there included in thousands of mystery series ranging from the nicest of cozies to the grisliest of chilling serial killer thrillers. Which one do you choose? And if you’ve read this, what else is there to read in the same genre? Mystery Sequels is a resource which tries to solve some of these book lover issues.

My name is Marika and I am a book addict who takes joy in reviewing books that I found particularly interesting. I also enjoy researching author biographies and bibliographies.

Learning about the 20 times author had their first book rejected before they finally had their major breakthrough that launched them to the top of the New York bestseller list is simply fascinating.

And learning about some of their favorite novels is a pleasure only those of us who enjoy adding to our ever growing TBR pile would know.

While talking on some book related forums a while ago with other readers, I’ve noticed a particular type of question coming up over and over again:

“I’ve read this book in the x series. What is the title of the next book and has it been published yet?” and “What else can I read if I loved the x series?”

On Mystery Sequels while giving authors a voice through reviewing their novels – whether at their request or simply because I bought the book on Amazon and liked it, I also attempt to put their series in order so that you don’t spend your valuable time – which you could devote to reading instead – searching for that information every time you want to read a new book.

And who knows? Maybe one of the books reviewed here will spark your interest in reading it and then you’ll decide to read the whole series because you’ve been in a funk and had no idea what to read next.

If this site can be an inspiration to pick up a new title or meet a new author, Mystery Sequels has done its job, and honestly after reading books my biggest thrill is to help others find new reading material that will be cherished going forward.

Here are a few places you can go to find more information on books reviewed, authors, news or new book releases.

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  1. I am looking for the title of the true account he wrote which took place on Christmas Eve 1944 of a Dutch ship carrying troops across the English Channel to France and the tragedy which occurred when struck by a German torpedo. It may be in his “The Sea Hunters” written in 1996. The account I am referring to was held secret for some 50 years.

    Can you assist in my quest to find out more information about Clive’s account of this tragedy? Thank you in advance of any information you can provide.
    Judith Frame

  2. Hi Marika- thanks for joining my group on Book Blogs. I like the design of your blog! My blog is at and you can follow via Bloglovin’. I look forward to reading your posts and reviews!

  3. I have followed your link from Bubblews to check out your book blog! Thanks for reminding me how much I used to love blogging about books. And now to figure out a game plan to revive my Ruthi Reads! blog!

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