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The Burial Hour by Jeffery Deaver (Lincoln Rhyme #13)

The Burial Hour is the latest book in Jeffery Deaver‘s popular Rhyme and Sachs thriller series.

I have faithfully read every single book as soon as it was published, and of course, I have watched The Bone Collector with Denzel Washington and Angelina Jolie.

Ever since that movie, these two actors are in my mind whenever I read the books.

In the latest installment, Lincoln and Amelia are called in to investigate a kidnapping that happened in broad daylight witnessed only by an 8-years-old girl.

The only thing left behind at the scene of the kidnapping was a small noose which was made from a musical instrument string.

When shortly thereafter a video gets posted online showing the abductee slowly getting hanged, Amelia and Lincoln have very little time to try to find him before it’s too late. They do find him in time, but the kidnapper gets away, much to everyone’s chagrin.

It doesn’t take long until a similar abduction takes places in Naples in Italy. Lincoln knows in his gut that it’s the same guy at work so he decides that Italy is where they need to be next. So instead of planning their honeymoon, as they were supposed to, they get on a private jet, taking along Lincoln’s caretaker and friend Thom, and head to Europe. Of course this is no small feat, considering that Lincoln is paralyzed.

Once there, however, things are not easy. Local police are not extremely accommodating to American FBI agents, saying that their help is not really needed.

Eventually they do cave when Lincoln and Amelia prove themselves with the case, but they only allow limited help from the pair, which doesn’t suit the couple at all.

While they are working on finding the abducted person and stopping the Composer, Lincoln is asked to also assist in a separate case where an American young student was arrested for rape, although he claimed he didn’t do it.

For a while the cases go parallel next to each other, however at some point they do intersect, not the least because the prosecutor in the rape case is the same guy who was very against Lincoln and Amelia working the Italian case in the first place.

There were a few twists that I didn’t see coming, but overall this was a typical Lincoln Rhyme book. I loved it because I am a major fan and will read everything Jeffery Deaver puts out. However I did notice the lack of something. There was very little of the main characters’ relationship. I was missing that something extra that Lincoln and Amelia have together. That usual spark between them.

It was more business as usual, which, particularly at a time when the couple was planning their honeymoon, kinda destroyed a bit the mood.

However that is a very small complaint I had. Overall I loved the book and the forensic science, Lincoln’s mind and Amelia’s walking the grid didn’t disappoint.

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