The Burial Hour by Jeffery Deaver (Lincoln Rhyme #13)

The Burial Hour by Jeffery Deaver

The Burial Hour is the latest book in Jeffery Deaver’s popular Rhyme and Sachs thriller series. I have faithfully read every single book as soon as it was published, and of course, I have watched The Bone Collector with Denzel Washington and Angelina Jolie. Ever since that movie, these two actors are in my mind whenever I read the books. In the latest installment, Lincoln and Amelia are called in to investigate a kidnapping that happened in broad daylight witnessed only by an 8-years-old girl. The only thing left behind at the scene of the kidnapping was a small noose […] Read more »

Beautiful Maids All in a Row by Jennifer Harlow (Iris Ballard #1)

Beautiful Maids All in a Row by Jennifer Harlow

When I started to read Beautiful Maids All In A Row, I was quite skeptical. I’ve never heard of this author before, and let’s face it, the title could be also taken as something funny or satirical, and not in a genre I usually read. But I dove in. And soon all my misgivings about the book, title, author and everything else were gone. This book rocks. It is one gory, gritty serial killer thriller that will keep you on your toes while reading. It is exactly the type of book I enjoy reading most. Dr. Iris Ballard is an ex-serial killer […] Read more »

Cut to the Bone by Jefferson Bass (Body Farm Series #8)

Cut to the Bone by Jefferson Bass

Cut to the Bone is the latest offering in the Body Farm series, however, it is also the very first book in the chronological order set in the early 90s.  If you want to read the Jefferson Bass books in order – in the proper chronological order, you should start with this book.While the rest of the novels follow the team at the Body Farm in the current times, Cut to the Bone goes back to the beginning when Dr. Bill Brockton has the idea to set up a space for it and puts his plan into practice as well. I […] Read more »

Everyone Lies by A.D.Garrett (DI Kate Simms #1)

Everyone Lies

I’ve been introduced to Everyone Lies, the first book in the DI Kate Simms series through Goodreads, a friend just finished reading it and I saw her review on my feed. Her review was 4 stars, so I decided to check it out. At the time Amazon had it only in Kindle format, it was that new, however I bought it on the spot and read it. And it blew me away. Now the DI Kate Simms series by A.D.Garrett consists at the moment of one book only, called Everyone Lies. On Amazon, it is not even listed as part of […] Read more »