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Full Wolf Moon by Lincoln Child (Jeremy Logan #5)

Full Wolf Moon by Lincoln ChildJeremy Logan is an enigmologist, meaning his job is to investigate things out of the ordinary, weird, in one word, enigmas. Things such as the Loch Ness monster, Yeti, and even ghosts.

Full Wolf Moon, Lincoln Child‘s latest novel finds Jeremy on his latest surprising (even to him) adventure.

All Jeremy wants is finish in peace the historical book he started writing a while ago, and for this, he goes to an isolated writer’s retreat where he would not be disturbed. He is deep in the Adirondacks mountains at a guest house which prides itself on keeping the guests (writers, singers, painters and everything else in between) secluded and tucked away from the everyday world so they can finish their masterpieces in quiet artistry.

And this is exactly what Logan wants for a change. But as luck would have it, trouble finds him when an old friend, a park ranger who just so happens to investigate a few very weird set of gruesome murders nearby on Desolation Mountain, hears of his arrival.

Jeremy is initially reluctant to help, after all, he came to this secluded spot to evade all the weird and focus on his manuscript, however, curiosity gets the better of him and against the advice of the retreat’s management, he starts looking into the case as gently and quietly as he can.

The more details he learns about this case, the more his innate curiosity keeps him wanting to figure out what is going on, even if it means putting himself in harm’s way.

Because something sinister is definitely going on and Jeremy wouldn’t be an enigmologist if he didn’t try to get to the bottom of what is happening to all the savagely murdered people and why.

Being a rather strong empath, Jeremy feels that weird things indeed are taking place, things which are beyond the usual five perceived senses. But could he be really dealing with something as strange as the village tales point at? A real-life werewolf?

The premise of the story is great, and anyone enjoying supernatural science thrillers as well as anything else Lincoln Child has ever written (including my forever favorite Pendergast series collaborated with Douglas Preston), will find this book thrilling.

The pace is just right with the mystery unfolding in front of our eyes, while we’re chasing the clues along Jeremy Logan and finding bits and pieces that somehow start to mold together to form a really disturbing image.

The so-called clues (red herrings more likely) were quite prominent and I’m sure I’m not the only one falling for them, only to be mightily surprised toward the end.

While I love reading books in a series in order, I have to concede that in this case you really don’t need to have read the previous four books in the series to fully enjoy Full Wolf Moon. There is enough background included to learn about Jeremy and his moonlighting past time and the story is contained within the Adirondack mountains, where it will also end. However, as usual, I do recommend reading the rest of the series as well, because this is a great series to catch up to, along with reading his Pendergast books in order.

Full Wolf Moon by Lincoln Child
Series: Jeremy Logan #5
Published by Doubleday
Published 2017
Genres: Sci-Fi Thriller, Techno Thriller, Thriller
Source: Review Copy
Also by this author: White FireThe Third GateExtractionBlue LabyrinthThe Forgotten RoomCrimson ShoreBeyond The Ice LimitThe Obsidian ChamberCity of Endless Night

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