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The Forgotten Room by Lincoln Child (Jeremy Logan #4)

The Forgotten Room by Lincoln ChildThe Forgotten Room is the 4th book in the Jeremy Logan series by Lincoln Child. I have read his first three books, and I was really glad to see he finally wrote a new one, as the last one published before was in 2012.

Jeremy Logan has a very esoteric job. He is an enigmalogist, and his job description entails investigating the inexplicable and weird, the phenomena that can’t be explained in the usual ways. Often his work includes paranormal investigation and strange things like the Loch Ness monster and the Big Foot.

His latest case takes him to a place he hasn’t been at for over 20 years: Dark Gables, a seaside mansion in Newport, Rhode Island, the headquarters of Lux, a very well known think tank organization. Many years before he worked there as well, but was soon outed because of his strange areas of interest, which seemed nothing short of voodoo to a traditional and respectable company like Lux.

Now he is back once again, at the request of the current direction, because strange things seem to be happening at Lux, including the very tragic and totally out of character suicide of one of the calmest and warmest doctors at the place.

The first thing Logan asks for is full access to the entire place, which the director only reluctantly agrees on.

During his explorations, Logan comes across a ‘forgotten room’, which is nothing like he has ever seen before. First of all it has no apparent way of entering or leaving it. And second, just what is that weird machine in the middle of the room? Could it be an EVP ghost contact machine?

He soon uncovers the name of the project which was abandoned in the 1930s, called ‘Project Sin’ which seems to have something to do with people literally going crazy at Lux. And this revelation brings with it a price on his head, one that the dangerous folks that don’t want the existence of this room get revealed would gladly pay – including not only his sanity, but also his very life.

As is usually with Lincoln Child (and Douglas Preston) books, the story is riveting right from the start. The intrigue pulls you in from the first pages, and the twists and turns are many and very confusing.

I enjoy reading about Logan’s adventures, he is a character not easily forgotten. He can’t let go of the thread of clues even when his life is threatened, and this makes him even more determined to get to the bottom of the truth.

I am amazed at the horrors such a think tank full of genius brains can conjure. The sinister evil that it unleash just because they can and want, even when the process of how it all works is not yet fully known, is chilling and frightening.

Lincoln Child expertly weaves in his tale elements of science fiction, thriller and even the supernatural, in a way that you don’t even realized you’ve crossed the threshold and you’re still reading, believing all of it, as weird and twisted as it may be.

The writing flows naturally, and you just know that you are in good hands with Lincoln Child, an established, respected and very good writer.

While the Pendergast books (which he co-authored with Douglas Preston) are my most favorite books in the world, the two authors know how to write good thrillers on their own as well. It is well worth checking out their separate works, each of them is a masterpiece in itself.

Question now is – do we have to wait another 3-4 years for the next Jeremy Logan book?

The Forgotten Room by Lincoln Child
Series: Jeremy Logan #4
Published by Doubleday
Published 2015
Genres: Sci-Fi Thriller, Techno Thriller, Thriller
Source: Purchased
Also by this author: White FireThe Third GateExtractionBlue LabyrinthCrimson ShoreBeyond The Ice LimitThe Obsidian ChamberFull Wolf MoonCity of Endless Night

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