Are You A Seasonal Reader?

I love getting books in the post and today it was a great day because I got one! While I do buy most of my books on the Kindle (or as other type eBooks), I like now and then to have the feel of a real book in my hands – especially if it’s a hardcover book.

The Last Noel by Heather Graham
my hardcover copy of The Last Noel by Heather Graham

The book I got today in the post is The Last Noel by Heather Graham in hardcover edition. I like this author of romantic suspense novels and while this book is not her latest one, it’s one that I haven’t read before. I’ve read pretty much everything else this author has so far written, including the Harrison Investigation series, The Bone Island trilogy and the vampire series written under the alias Shannon Drake and I really like her writing style.

One of the reasons why I wanted this book now is because Christmas is around the corner and call me weird, but I enjoy reading seasonal books on the particular holidays.

Halloween has already passed, now Thanksgiving is nearing (I’m already armed with Thankless in Death by J.D. Robb to start reading in about  2 weeks – a book that I already mentioned in Thanksgiving-themed mysteries) and the next holiday in line is Christmas. And guess what I’ll be reading around Christmas time – yep The Last Noel.

I love it when a particular holiday is nearing and I find books by favorite authors written for those very occasions. This is why I was a bit disappointed to not find many Christmas themed books among mystery novels coming out in December. I remember from previous years there used to be an abundance of Christmas cozy mysteries this time of the year. Not so this year.

However now that I’m armed with at least one book that I can read comfy in my couch when outside is ice cold, raining or snowing, I might also get 1-2 more Christmas themed mystery books (including Ten Lords A-Leaping by C.C. Benison and maybe Duck the Halls by Donna Andrews) and I’m all set.

So I’m really curious – are you a seasonal reader? Do you pick up a horror novel around Halloween, a fun cozy turkey mystery around Thanksgiving, a Santa themed mystery for Christmas and a summer beach read in August?

Or are you a reader who doesn’t care much about seasons when it comes to books – you just pick up any book at any time of the year even if it’s August and you’re reading a Christmas themed novel, or it’s winter, you’re tucked away under a heavy cover reading a book that is all about love, romance and crime during Valentine’s Day?

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  1. To an extent I’m a seasonal reader. In the autumn, beginning with Halloween and ending New Years’ Day, yes. Not so much the rest of the year. I don’t consider Valentine’s Day or the Fourth of July “seasons.” I will read at least one book during the holidays the rest of the year, but probably no more than that.

  2. Right now I’m a “read-whenever-I-get-the-chance” reader…which is not often enough 🙁 I’m curious, how many books do you go through any given week?

  3. I also like to read books around the holidays. I haven’t read The Last Noel but I am going to get it today. I just finished the book I was reading last night and need another one. I get in the Christmas spirit through November and December. I am going to have to take note of the other Christmas books you listed that I haven’t read.

  4. Awesome post! I am sometimes a seasonal reader. If I pick up the hype of the season I’ll get into a themed book. A lovely Novella I just read was Bound by Wish & Mistletoe by Kat Bastion, that put me in the mood to read some more Christmas romances. Although my seasons are opposite to most my blogger friends as we now head into summer! I’ll have a white Christmas one day 🙂

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