2014 Book Passage 21st Annual Mystery Writers Conference

book passage mystery writers confereceThe Bookpassage Annual Mystery Writers conference is here again! For the 21st time, a host of well-known names in the mystery writing industry gathers together to teach new authors the trade secrets that can turn a beginner into a pro writer in no time.

If you are an aspiring mystery writer, or one who could use some professional help in becoming more successful at the art of writing a good crime novel, thriller, suspense, or you find it difficult to get your work published the way it deserves, here is a great opportunity for you: between July 24-27 you can attend the 2014 Bookpassage Mystery Writers Conference held in Corte Madera, California.

This is the 21st conference so far, and if you haven’t checked it out yet, now is your chance. There will be many established authors, well-known publishers and editors who can help you get started with your own successful writing career as well by giving you those tips and clues are that invaluable to success.

The conference will last for 4 days and will cover literally anything that authors need to kickstart their career or simply get better at writing or getting published. Everyone who registers for the conference will have a chance to work closely with well known names in the mystery industry like Isabel Allende, Cara Black, Anne Perry, Ace Atkins, Rhys Bowen, Laurie King, John Lescroart, Sheldon Siegel, David Corbett, Amy Rennert the literary agent and Judge Peter J. Busch of the San Francisco Superior Court, just to name a few.

The opportunity is there for becoming an author with a host of great books published by some of the major publishing houses in the US. Don’t miss it!

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  1. Very cool! What a great way for up and coming writers to mingle and I’m sure learn from some talented pros in the business.

  2. What a great resource for aspiring writers of these genres (which I happen to like a lot!). I sincerely hope people can take advantage of this to advance their writing careers.

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