Tin God by Stacy Green (Delta Crossroads #1)

I admit I had Tin God by Stacy Green for the last two months on my TBR shelf and only got a chance to read it now – and I’m really glad I did. I was quite surprised by how good the book was – simply for the reason that this author was new to me, so I didn’t know what to expect.

I haven’t read a romantic suspense novel in quite some time, so I was pleasantly surprised that this novel turned out to be of this genre. While reading it, I realized just how much I missed that romance mixed in with crimes in a small Southern town setting where passions run high and there are deep and buried secrets (and a few skeletons in the proverbial cupboard as well).

Having just finished the book,  I grabbed right away the second novel in the Delta Crossroads series (Skeleton’s Key) to read while everything is still fresh in my mind (will post a review of that book next).

The story in Tin God takes place in a small hot town called Roselea in Mississippi where Jaymee Ballard tries to make ends meet from one day to another by waiting tables at a local restaurant on a regular basis and working once a week as a cleaning lady at rich woman’s mansion.

She has been shunned by her family due to something that happened in the past, something that she is still suffering the consequences of even today. Basically she got pregnant as a young woman and gave up her baby through adoption, being pressed by her father to do so. However the situation is far from being as simple as that, with secrets that threaten to kill anyone who knows something about it.

Several years ago her best friend Lana was killed and now she discovered the body of Rebecca when she went to her house to her usual weekly cleaning. Both Lana and Rebecca knew something of her past that threaten the safety of some pretty powerful men in high positions, and when Lana’s husband, Nick, arrives to the small town to do his own research regarding Lan’s death, Jaymee realizes that she can’t possibly duck her head anymore in the sand, not when so many peopled died – and keep dying – because of her secret.

There is more to the actual plot, but I’ll leave it to the reader to discover the rest, which is really suspenseful and a real page-turner.

As for the romance that blossomed between the main characters, I loved the interaction between Jaymee and Nick, and both their guilt over Lana was well played. I was a bit sorry about Cage, however now that I know a bit of the story in the second book in the series….I’m not so worried anymore.

When I read a book I am very mindful of the author’s style. So many novels have a great plot, yet fall short in the writing department. Not so here. The writing style is very solid and it flows naturally, with no extra words or chopped structure.

Everything is flowing perfectly in a harmonious blend between the action, romance and human emotions. All the characters are well described (even the evil ones), there are no 2D cartoons here. You really get to learn what everyone is going through and the human suffering is all too real in this book, along with people’s chance of redemption, which some take it, while others don’t.

I really had no clue who the actual killer was until the end when Jaymee found it out herself – and big was my surprise indeed. It just shows how twisted dogma can be and how it can destruct the lives of innocent people, especially when touched from early on.

Overall Tin God proved to become a new favorite of mine in romantic suspense books. It is a well written novel that deserves to be read by as many lovers of this genre as possible. It gets a 5 star rating from me.

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  1. Hi! I hope it’s all right to drop by. Thank you so much for the wonderful review! I’m happy you liked the book so well. It’s exciting when new readers find me and love my work. Many thanks for taking the time to review!

    1. You’re so welcome Stacy. I’m reading now the second book, and will review in the next few days. I love this series so far!

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