Double Up by Gretchen Archer (Davis Way Crime Caper #6)

Double Up by Gretchen Archer

I am usually not a big fan of cozies and I hardly read them. But the Davis Way Crime Caper series is a major exception to the rule. I love this series and so far I can’t stop reading them. If you want to read the Gretchen Archer books in order, you need to start with Double Whammy and then move your way up to the latest story in the series. Double Up brings back Davis Way and she is this time in a very funky mood. The main secret spy for the Bellissimo Resort and Casino in Biloxi, Mississippi is at home […] Read more »

Some Like ‘Em Dead by Peter S. Fischer (The Hollywood Murder Mysteries #13)

Some Like Em Dead

Some Like ‘Em Dead is a clever Hollywood themed cozy mystery set during the filming of Some Like It Hot, one of the greatest comedies of all times, featuring stars like Tony Curtis, Marilyn Monroe and Jack Lemmon. Joe Bernarni is a failed writer and successful publicist. He is, in fact, a jack of all trades; an expert at dealing with situations that need dealing with before things become unmanageable. He has just married his sweetheart Bunny, an Assistant Editor at the Valley News newspaper, who has been evading his proposal for the last 10 years. The honeymoon is over before it began, because both are career people, and […] Read more »

The Pot Thief Who Studied Georgia O’Keeffe by J. Michael Orenduff (A Pot Thief Murder Mystery #7)

The Pot Thief Who Studied Georgia O'Keefe

The latest addition in the Pot Thief series by J.Michael Orenduff,  The Pot Thief Who Studied Georgia O’Keeffe, brings back out favorite funny and enterprising character Hubert Schuze (Hubie) to once again rescue another treasure (err…pot) from being forever forgotten and buried in the land. Afterall it is a shame for all those old pots to never see the day of light just because it is no longer allowed to liberate such artifacts without going through a thousand red tape bands of archaeology. The fact that one can earn quite a nice sum of money is only relevant when one has dearly […] Read more »

Double Mint by Gretchen Archer (Davis Way Crime Caper #4)

Double Mint by Gretchen Archer

Double Mint by Gretchen Archer is the 4th book in the witty Davis Way Crime Caper cozy mystery series. I’ve read all the previous books and this 4th one is the best yet. I was laughing hard from the first page to the last. And the ending left me with tears in my eyes (from laughter, not from crying). Davis Way is working for a while now at the Bellissimo resort and casino in Biloxi, both as an undercover agent and a double for Bianca Sanders, the boss’s wife, who is a rich, lazy and spoiled brat. This second job came about […] Read more »

The Fallen Angels Book Club by R. Franklin James (Hollis Morgan Mystery #1)

The Fallen Angels Book Club

The Fallen Angels Book Club is the first book in the Hollis Morgan Mystery series by R. Franklin James. I have already read and reviewed the second book called Sticks & Stones recently, and the story got me interested enough in the series to want to get the first book as well to catch up to how it all began. Of course the fact that I am a stickler for reading all books in a series (in order if possible, but if not, at least reading them any way they come), also played a part into me hunting down the […] Read more »

Mission To Murder by Lynn Cahoon (A Tourist Trap Mystery #2)

Mission to Murder by Lynn Cahoon

Mission to Murder is the second book in the new Tourist trap Mystery cozy written by Lynn Cahoon. I’ve read the book back in June while away visiting my parents, and it turned out to be the perfect holiday read. Relatively short, easy to read, funny and with a lovely set of characters that you can’t get enough of. Jill Gardner is a recent transplant in South Cove, where she opened a book store called Coffee, Books and More. In the first book Jill discovered a stonewall on her property pointing to what she thinks is an old Spanish mission […] Read more »

Elusive by Sara Rosett (On The Run #1)

Elusive by Sara Rosett

Elusive is the first book in the On The Run mystery series by the author Sara Rosett. One day while browsing the free Kindle books section at Amazon, I came across the book, liked the description and downloaded it along with a couple of other freebies that are still on my TBR shelf. The story centers around Zoe Hunter, a rather poor freelancer (proof reads travel books) who also walks neighbors’ dogs to earn a bit extra money. This doesn’t stop her from enjoying life as much as she can, being content with how things are at the moment. She […] Read more »

Double Strike by Gretchen Archer (Davis Way Crime Caper #3)

Double Strike by Gretchen Archer

Double Strike is the third book in the Davis Way Crime mystery series by the cozy mystery author Gretchen Archer. Having already read the first two books in the series, when I noticed it listed at Netgalley, I jumped on the bandwagon and requested it right away. Afterall I couldn’t wait to see what new mischief Davis (also mispronounced David) would get herself into again. The story picks up some time after the happenings in the second book. Davis is still working undercover at Bellissimo resort and casino in Biloxi and she is just about to get married, and I […] Read more »

Dead in the Water by Lesley A. Diehl (Eve Appel Mystery #2)

Dead in the Water by Lesley A Diehl

Dead in the Water is the second book in the Eve Appel Mystery series by Lesley A. Diehl. Camel Press, the publisher of a book I’ve read and reviewed recently (Sticks and Stones) figured that Dead in the Water would be another mystery novel I’d enjoy – and they were right. Dead in the Water was published this July, so it’s already available for ordering. Eve Appel is a consignment shop owner in Sabal Bay, a place in hot Florida. Eve is quite happy to hear from her uncle Winston and pleased to have him visit her after a long time. […] Read more »

Stunner by Niki Danforth (Ronnie Lake Mystery #1)

Stunner by Nikki Danforth

Stunner by Niki Danforth is the first book in the Ronnie Lake Mystery series. I received the book with a request to read and review, and as the book description sounded interesting enough, I was game. Ronnie Lake is currently unemployed (downsized), divorced and with a lot of time on her hands. Not the youngest either, sure she will find a job soon, but right now there’s no hurry at all, especially since she doesn’t have a money problem. She engages in martial art classes in her spare time and loves her dog that accompanies her everywhere. One day she […] Read more »