by Peter James

published 1988

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The police told Alex Hightower that her son Fabian was killed in a car crash, but she didn’t believe them – she’d seen him that morning. As Alex keeps seeing Fabian, her grief turns into terror and she consults a medium. The medium is petrified – it is Fabian and he wants to come back.

Fabian Hightower has been killed in a car crash. At least, that is what a policeman is asking Alex, his mother to believe. But Alex knows she saw him that morning – at a time when he must have been dead. When the funeral is over Alex tries hard to forget her bizarre experience. But her mind seems to be playing strange tricks on her, turning her grief into horror.

When she turns to a medium her worst fears are realised. Fabian has unfinished business and he is determined to come back. But why? Whatever the answer, something terrifies the medium so much she refuses to return. Alex longs to turn to others for support. But there is a secret about Fabian that only she knows … a secret she must never share.