by Peter James

published 1996

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As chilling as Stephen King as credible as Michael Crichton – a gripping novel of terror and suspense.

What is really going on in the secrecy of pharmaceutical labs? “We are a pharmaceutical industry more powerful than any government.”

Monty Bannerman’s father is a leading genetic scientist, and Nobel Prize winner, whose company has just been taken over by what will soon be the world’s biggest pharmaceutical giant. He had some misgivings about their company ethics – but ultimately, he needs their money, and they need his mind.

Then a journalist comes to Monty’s door, with a far-fetched story about the pharmaceutical company. She doesn’t believe what she’s being told for a moment – but within a few short weeks, events are making the apparently fantastic claims look horrifyingly like the truth.

Behind the respectable facade of the multi-national company which calls itself the ‘World’s Most Caring Company’ lies an outrage against the whole human race… When Monty stumbles upon a fertility drug trial that is killing women and producing terribly deformed babies it looks like they have unwittingly sold themselves to the devil.