Seeing Red by Sandra Brown

Sandra Brown, my favorite (and the only) queen of romantic suspense is back once again with a nail-biting, suspenseful and sexy story in Seeing Red.

I’ve been reading the author’s books from the late 1980s, and I have never failed to pick up her latest releases. Thankfully, Sandra Brown is an author who never lets her readers down. She keeps putting out greatness after greatness in book after book.

In her latest novel, the two main characters are journalist Kerra Bailey and former ATF agent John Trapper. As it happens, John Trapper is the son of the famous  Major Trapper, who saved several people, including children, during the bombing of the Pegasus Hotel in downtown Dallas.

A photographer took a photo of Major Tom holding a few kids under his arms, taking them out of the building, which made the Major a local and national hero overnight. Unfortunately, his son, John, became estranged from his after this incident and was forever trying to win back his attention ever since.

Now 25 years passed since that tough time, and Major Tom has recently decided to no longer be in the spotlight. He stopped any attempt at interviews, stopped going to meetings, and refused any further TV coverage about him.

Which brings us to one of our main characters: Kerra. She is a person who can’t take no for an answer, so on the anniversary of the bombing, she needs an interview with Major Tom by any means necessary. Because right now Major Tom has closed the doors to his home and no one is allowed to trespass on his property.

Kerra, stubborn as she is, wants that interview, so she contacts John to ask him for a favor: to introduce her to his secluded father. But John is estranged from his dad, so helping Kerra is out of the question…

Eventually, Kerra does get the interview, but that brings with it unwanted attention from someone who’d rather keep the whole thing under wraps. Soon John realizes that Kerra’s life is in danger, and the only way for him to keep her safe is to join forces and together find out just who was responsible for that hotel bombing so many years ago.

The story moves at a generally fast past, with only a few moments where the pace slowed down a bit. The twists and turns are forever present, and the thrill and suspense never fade into the background.

The attraction between the main characters is evident, and there is a strong sexual tension between the two. As things progress, their caring and feelings for each other is stronger and stronger, something that both of them are unused to.

Trapper is hardly a romantic type, and Kerra is a very ‘by the book’ person. They are both hotheaded, stubborn, and passionate. So normally you wouldn’t expect them to fit so well together. And still, they do…

Seeing Red is the perfect beach read, or for a pleasant rainy afternoon indoors.

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