Winners of the 2017 Davitt Awards

Davitt Awards 2017The Davitt Awards are presented each year to women crime writers in Australia.

This year the judges had their hands full reading nearly 100 novels, some of which have been written by debut authors. That’s quite a huge number for a monumental task!

The 2017 awards have been presented by Hilary Bonney, a  true crime writer, barrister, and television producer, at Melbourne’s Thornbury Theatre on Saturday 26 August, 7 pm during a gala’s dinner.

While there are no monetary prizes offered for this award, what the winners get are some beautifully carved polished wooded trophies.

The Davitts Award has been named after Ellen Davitt, the first mystery author coming from Australia, who wrote Force and Fraud in 1865.

The Davitt Awards winners are listed below.

Adult novels: Jane Harper with The Dry

Young adult novels: Shivaun Plozza with Frankie

Children’s novels: Judith Rossell with Wormwood Mire

Debut novels: Cath Ferla with Ghost Girls

Non-Fiction books: Megan Norris with Look What You Made Me Do: Fathers Who Kill

Reader’s Choice Award: Jane Harper with The Dry

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