Last of the Magpies

Last of the Magpies

by Mark Edwards

Book 3 in The Magpies series
published 2019

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The chilling conclusion to the #1 bestseller The Magpies.

Twelve months ago, Jamie Knight walked straight into Lucy Newton’s trap. Both Jamie and his ex-wife Kirsty barely survived. Now, with the police investigation into Lucy’s disappearance going nowhere, Jamie teams up with a true crime podcaster to track down his nemesis.

But can Jamie persuade Kirsty to help? Can Kirsty forgive him for his past mistakes? And who, if anyone, will survive the final showdown? Featuring extracts from Lucy’s secret memoir, Last of the Magpies brings the trilogy to a shocking conclusion.

Twelve months on with the police making very little progress on Lucy’s, Jamie decides to join forces with a true crime pod-caster to track down his arch enemy. It may be harder to get Kirsty to forgive him for his past errors and join the team to hunt down Lucy.

Lucy Newton is still free and Jamie and Kirsty still live in fear. Jamie has stayed in the UK, unable to return to Australia while Lucy still hasn’t been caught. Kirsty is trying really hard to move on with her life and wants nothing more to do with anything – including the podcast that Jamie has found himself involved in.

A character from The Lucky Ones made a cameo appearance as well.

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