No Place to Run

No Place to Run

by Mark Edwards

published 2022

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Two years ago, on a trip to Seattle to visit her brother Aidan, fifteen-year-old Scarlett vanished into thin air. After years of false leads and dead ends, Aidan has almost given up hope. But then a woman sees a girl running for her life across a forest clearing in Northern California. She is convinced the girl is the missing Scarlett. But could it really be her?

Aiden Faith has been on a guilt-driven trip trying to find his sister Scarlet who has been missing for two years. When he receives Francesca’s tip, he decides he needs to check it out because who knows… So begins a crazy series of events, all leading to the answer to the question: Will he find his sister?

Heading south, Aidan finds a fire-ravaged town covered in missing-teenager posters. The locals seem afraid, the sheriff won’t answer any questions and it looks like another dead end – until a chance meeting with returned local Lana gives Aidan his first clue. But as they piece together what happened, Lana and Aidan make deadly enemies. Enemies willing to do anything to silence them – and to protect the terrible truth about what is really going on in the forest…