The 23rd Midnight

The 23rd Midnight

by James Patterson

Book 23 in the Women’s Murder Club series
published 2023

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Detective Lindsay Boxer put serial killer Evan Burke behind bars. Now a new killer has recreated Burke’s most infamous crimes and disappeared without a trace.  A copycat is recreating murders by a famous killer from The Women’s Murder Club’s past—and the Murder Club’s destruction as his goal.

Detective Lindsay Boxer put serial killer Evan Burke in jail. Reporter Cindy Thomas wrote a book that put him on the bestseller list. An obsessed maniac has turned Burke’s true-crime story into a playbook. And is embellishing it with gruesome touches all his own. Now Lindsay’s tracking an elusive suspect, and the entire Murder Club is facing destruction.

The latest installment sees Cindy Thomas go on her book tour; her true crime book on Evan Burke has hit the bestsellers listed and gained the attention of a copycat killer. And this is bad because while Lindsay puts Burke away in prison, she now has to stop the copycat as well.

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