by James Patterson

Book 15 in the Michael Bennett series
published 2023

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In this startling psychological thriller, a killer is targeting young women in New York City and is obsessed with Michael Bennett’s daughter.
A killer is obsessed… with Detective Michael Bennett’s oldest daughter. 
Michael Bennett is obsessed… with keeping his family safe. 
New York City is obsessed… with cracking the killer’s code. 
You will be obsessed… with this startling psychological thriller.

Detective Michael Bennett must discover who’s murdering glamorous young women – before his eldest daughter is targeted. Detective Michael Bennett and the NYPD are aboard a police boat in the Hudson River searching for a murder victim – a young college student.

They find her tossed in the dark waves, dressed for a night out. The gruesome sight fills Bennett with dread only a father could fathom.

As the obsessive killer extends his spree, a pattern emerges. One that Bennett’s eldest daughter fits to a harrowing degree.

Now NYPD’s top detective must lure the murderer into the light of day before the next deadly strike lands closer to home than Bennett could ever bear – as a parent and a protector.


  1. Just finished “Obsessed”, the latest Michael Bennett book. Love this character, but whoever wrote the summary should be fired as they obviously didn’t read the book! There is not one WORD abt the killer being obsessed with his oldest daughter! How did such a monumental mistake get past so many people?!

    1. Yessss!! I thought the same. I still enjoyed the book but was disappointed that the most interesting part of the summary did not match the book itself at all.

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