8 Mysteries Worth Reading In January 2017

The Lost City of the Monkey God

January 2017 is experiencing a lot of released books in the form of mystery series or standalone novels from various publishing houses. It is quite a busy month and the crime/mystery/thriller genre is quite popular this time of the year. Here are 10 books published in January 2017 that I can’t wait to read. I hope you will check them out as well because they seem quite promising in offering several hours of exciting and enjoyable reading. The Prisoner by Alex Berenson (John Wells #11) The latest book in the John Wells spy thriller series by Alex Berenson, The Prisoner is […] Read more »

Good Mystery Books For Teens

Lois Duncan books

Today I wanted to talk about some good mystery books for teens that youngsters can enjoy. I got an email a few days ago with a request to list some young adult mystery books that this growing generation can also read. Now with summer almost here, once all exams are over and done with, mystery for teens, which have nothing to do with study books mind you, will be all the rage among the young folk who do love reading rather than playing computer games all day long. So here are some of my favorite teen mystery books and series […] Read more »

Easter Mystery Books

Easter mystery novels

While reading your crime novels over the years I’m sure you’ve come across various Easter mystery books and you might have even noticed that most of these holiday-themed mysteries are in fact cozies. But then again cozies dominate pretty much every major public holiday across the world, with books ranging from Christmas mysteries, to Valentine’s Day mysteries, books for Easter, for Halloween and of course turkey day as well (Thanksgiving Day). Some of the reasons why cozy mysteries abound is because these holidays are times when the whole family gathers together and it is also a chance for crimes to […] Read more »

5 Mystery Books Turned Into Movies In 2014

Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn

Without further ado, here are 5 mystery books turned into movies in 2014. If you haven’t read the books yet, now it’s your chance to read them before the premieres will be airing later on this year. I have to say 2014 will really be an exciting year for books and their respective movie adaptation! It is usually said that books are better than their movie adaptations and I think most of us will agree. However many readers do enjoy seeing their favorite novels brought to the big screen. Each year there are new movies made based on popular books […] Read more »

Valentine’s Day Themed Mystery Books

The Broken Hearts Club by Ethan Black

While Valentine’s Day themes mystery books are not as popular as, say, Christmas themed mysteries, they do make great gifts for Valentine’s Day for any book lover who enjoys reading a good whodunit, along with the usual heart shaped gifts, mugs and sweets that is customary to give for this love inspired occasion. Since it is about Valentine, cupid and love, most of the mystery novels with this theme are cozies, which is pretty understandable and expected due to the romantic theme surrounded by some well placed poisonous arrows. Here are my picks from love themed murder mysteries for your […] Read more »

5 Popular Psychological Thriller Books Worth Reading

Befoore I Go To Sleep by S. J. Watson

The psychological thriller books have as focus the mental state of the main characters and what the actions of one impacts another. These novels are really not so much about action or detectives solving crimes, but more about drama and mystery overall with the suspense coming from the mind, rather than from physical hurt. The main protagonists in these must read psychological thriller books will not use force, physical clues or typical police procedures to solve the crimes, but their mental strength, understanding and ability to solve puzzles and overpower the bad guys who are usually emotionally unstable. When you […] Read more »

Best Archaeological Mystery Books

Lost Army Of Cambyses

If you’re looking for a list of some of the best archaeological mystery books, you’ve landed on the right place. I love mysteries and archaeological mysteries take a special place in my heart. Ever since I read the first book by the now deceased author Elizabeth Peters (real name Barbara Mertz), called Crocodile on the Sandbank, I knew archaeology would be something that I would always enjoy reading. While my life took me in a complete different direction, with no means of studying archaeology, the passion for reading books (fiction and non-fiction) about this subject has never waned. I honestly […] Read more »

7 Ghost Stories And Spooky Novels For Halloween

Delias Shadow by Jayme Lee Moyer

While ghost stories and haunting spooky novels are especially popular around Halloween, they are loved by supernatural aficionados pretty much all year long. We don’t celebrate Halloween much in Europe, but for me spooky ghost stories are some of my most favorite books to read (except mysteries and thrillers). I have already listed here 5 scary books to read for Halloween, however personally I know I could read much more than only 5… don’t you? So let’s see what new books have authors of mystery written in 2013  that are all about ghosts, hauntings and a spooky atmosphere. Here are 7 […] Read more »

10 Funny Punny Titled Cozy Mysteries

Chili Con Carnage by Kylie Logan

If you like to read cozies, these 10 funny punny titled cozy mysteries will leave you chuckling and nodding in agreement. If you don’t read this genre, you might be wondering what on Earth I’m talking about. Well, the dictionary calls a pun a play on words or a word/phrase that sounds like something else. And cozy mystery authors are experts in making up fumy and sometimes hilarious titles to their stories. Simply by changing a word or two a phrase will suddenly take on a completely different meaning – usually related to murder. However as we know that cozies […] Read more »

Thanksgiving Themed Mysteries

Thankless in Death

With Thanksgiving slowly approaching, now it is the best time to read some popular Thanksgiving themed mysteries. If you like cozies, you’re in luck because there are a ton of wonderful light mysteries featuring the celebration of Thanksgiving. However, if you are more into thrillers and hardcore mysteries, your luck might run out pretty soon, as it was not so easy to find more than a handful of serious crime novels. For some reason, the cozy mystery authors are the ones that publish the most books with this holiday. I guess it’s because during Thanksgiving the rather dysfunctional family is […] Read more »