A Safe House

A Safe House

by Stuart Woods

Book 61 in the Stone Barrington series
published 2022

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In this latest adrenaline-charged thriller from #1 New York Times bestselling author Stuart Woods, Stone Barrington takes on a vengeful rival.

Stone Barrington is looking forward to some quiet time in New York City, until he is asked to transport precious, top-secret cargo across the Atlantic. Taking on the challenge, Barrington flies off unaware of what—or who—he is bringing with him.

Stone and Dino get interrupted by Lance Cabot at dinner because Lance needs an urgent favor, namely a safe house for a congressional witness: a senator’s estranged wife who will testify against him.

But his plans to lie low are quickly spoiled when a dangerous dispatcher tracks down Stone and his tantalizing mystery guest, intent on payback—and silencing anyone who poses a threat. From the English countryside to the balmy beaches of Key West, Stone is on an international mission to hide and protect those closest to him.

Throughout the entire novel,  Stone and his group of friends spend quite a bit of time moving around and trying to avoid the death of a witness.

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