Bob Lee Swagger: A Mysterious Profile

Bob Lee Swagger: A Mysterious Profile

by Stephen Hunter

Book in the Mysterious Profiles series
published 2022

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The Pulitzer Prize–winning, New York Times–bestselling author describes how he created his popular veteran sniper.

Retired Marine Gunnery Sgt. Bob Lee Swagger debuted in Stephen Hunter’s military action thriller Point of Impact in 1993. The book was the first of many adventures for the fictional sniper and inspired a hit movie, as well as a television series. But what led to the invention of such a character?

In this quick read, Hunter shares how “the Nailer” came to his kitchen table and subsequently sprang to life. Hunter discusses the real-life hero who served as his inspiration for Swagger, the development of his first villains, and the influence the television show Dragnet had on his writing. He also details how research helped shape Swagger’s world, and explains what keeps him writing adventure after adventure.

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