Atlanta Graves

Atlanta Graves

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by Walter Sorrells as Ruth Birmingham

Book 2 in the Sunny Childs series

published 1998

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The hard-nosed, razor-tongued private investigator in charge of Atlanta’s Peachtree Investigations, Sunny Childs sets out to retrieve a stolen painting and ends up with a dead body and an underworld of eccentric suspects.

Meet Sunny Childs — the hard-nosed, sharped-tongued P.I. who is the lead detective at Peachtree Investigations. In Atlanta Graves, Sunny is hired by an insurance company to track down the theft of a valuable painting from a local gallery in order to reclaim a stolen painting. But instead of the painting, she ends up with a dead body, unanswered questions — and a full-fledged killer on her hands. Although initially the case seems straightforward, it all soon goes horribly wrong and nothing is as it appears to be.

With Peachtree Investigations facing bankruptcy, Sunny must work fast — not only to catch the murderer, but to save her job.

The first book in the Sunny Childs series featuring Sunny, the an experienced PI in Atlanta, Georgia.

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