Author Guest Post: How One Author Keeps Her Mysteries Fresh By Patricia Fry

Patricia Fry author

Patricia Fry is the author of 66 books in her mystery series, 24 of them are cozy mysteries in the Klepto Cat Mystery series. This series features Rags, an ordinary cat with some extraordinary habits. He can’t keep his paws off of other people’s things. Some of the items he finds become clues in the current mystery. While these stories are human-driven, Rags and his feline, canine, and equine friends are ever-present throughout the series. The Klepto Cat Mysteries are in print, ebook (Kindle), and Book One, Catnapped is also available as an audio book. I’ve been writing for publication […] Read more »

Author Guest Post: The Enduring Mystery of the Knights Templar By James Becker

James Becker author

James Becker is the author of The Lost Treasure of the Templars thriller trilogy featuring the adventures of antiquarian bookseller Robin Jessop and encryption expert David Mallory. The books in the series are The Lost Treasure Of The Templars, The Templar Archive and coming to The Brotherhood Of The Skull (coming out early next year). This guest post on Mystery Sequels will give a brief history of the Knights Templar (also called as Poor Fellow-Soldiers of Christ and of the Temple of Solomon and the Order of Solomon’s Temple, or simply the Templars, with all the myths, half truths, and facts that are surrounding […] Read more »

Author Guest Post: Why Spies Lie by DS Kane

DS Kane

D.S. Kane is the pseudonym under which David Spiselman writes his spy novels. He is a former intelligence operative who had his cover blown at some point, a fact which made him cautiously switch gears from spy work to consultant work and later to writing books. D.S. Kane is now crafting clever spy fiction that exposes the way intelligence agencies tell lies to sway and manipulate their national policy, driving countries into dangerous conflicts. And based on the reviews on Amazon and Goodreads, he writes some really good fiction too. I am honored to give the stage to D.S. Kane to talk on Mystery Sequels about spies, […] Read more »

Author Guest Post: On Creating A New Series at Age 64

Susan Kraus

With this post, I am introducing a new feature on Mystery Sequels: author guest posts. These posts are exclusively written by mystery book authors and they focus on the art of writing, their creative process, their books, or any other relevant topic which allows us to learn more about our favorite mystery writers without the restrictions of a given set of questions that they have to adhere to. The first author guest post is written by Susan Kraus, the author of Fall From Grace and All God’s Children, on her experiences creating a new mystery series at the age of […] Read more »