Why Are People Drawn To The Crime Genre?

Everyone is familiar with the crime genre. There are countless works about it, from the popular Sherlock novels to less popular mystery series and standalone crime novels that only sell a couple hundred copies. But what makes the crime genre appealing? It’s a guilty pleasure Strangely, murder is among the most appealing of topics according to Shots Magazine, regardless if it’s fact or fiction. People get intrigued by different stories surrounding crime. Though these acts can be horrifying, there’s that pleasure in figuring out how everything happened. It gets the audience to think, as well as to feel Everyday Psychology […] Read more »

Looking Good Dead by Peter James (Roy Grace #2)

Looking Good Dead by Peter James

Looking Good Dead is the second book in the Roy Grace series by the British author Peter James. I’ve recently started with the series, reading the first book, Dead Simple (review here) and I got hooked on it right away. In this second book, Tom Bryce, a regular salesman, is on the train (heading from home to work and back) when he notices a CD laying on an empty seat which was just vacated by a rather obnoxious and annoying guy. Tom takes the CD with him, with the intention of bringing it to Lost and Found. You know those […] Read more »

Dead Simple by Peter James (Roy Grace #1)

Dead Simple by Peter James

Dead Simple is the first book in the Roy Grace crime mystery / thriller series by the British author Peter James. I have a couple of books in the series at home, but since I didn’t get a chance to read the first book until now, I left them untouched on a shelf in the other room. Until now…right until I saw the first book listed on NetGalley with a new republishing date of October 2014. I figured this is my chance to finally read the series and catch up to the books I already have at home. The story […] Read more »