Day of the Bone Thief

Day of the Bone Thief

by Rick Mofina

published 2013

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DAY OF THE BONE THIEF is Rick Mofina’s largest anthology to date with 11 compelling tales of short crime fiction, featuring four stories gathered in one volume for the first time.

The collection starts with “Day of the Bone Thief”, a story of greed and calculation arising from Alberta’s badlands. It’s followed by “Innocent Victim”, the case of a woman overwhelmed with guilt over an unbelievable tragedy. In “Go For Broke”, two strangers, desperate for different reasons, come together in small town. In the next tale, “They Always Came at Night”, an aging man reflects on the majestic beauty of his remote cabin and the secret events that took place there.

DAY OF THE BONE THIEF also includes the gripping stories found in Rick Mofina’s two earlier collections, DANGEROUS WOMEN & DESPERATE MEN and THREE TO THE HEART.

This 11-story anthology includes “Lightning Rider”, the winner of Canada’s top literary prize for crime fiction, the Arthur Ellis Award for Best Short Story, presented by the Crime Writers of Canada. Also included is “Backup”, a gut-wrenching story that was a finalist for a Best Short Story Award by The International Thriller Writers, and was short-listed for the Arthur Ellis Award.

With this collection, Rick Mofina provides his finest short pieces of crime fiction, heart-wrenching stories of people facing enormous odds.

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