All Fall Down

All Fall Down

by M.J. Arlidge

Book #9 in the Helen Grace series, published 2020

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“You have an hour to live.”
That’s all the voice says on the phone before hanging up. Is it a misplaced joke? The wrong number? A misunderstanding? Anything is better than the horrifying truth: someone keeps a close eye on his or her victims for sixty minutes… and then strikes.

As the death toll rises, Helen Grace gets caught up in a race against time. Because the perpetrator is always a few steps ahead of her. Helen has no motive, no suspects, and no clues. What do these victims have in common? For them, every call can now be the last, because whoever answers is lost forever.

The fast pace starts right from the start when someone receives a phone call saying they have one hour to live. The book follows the investigation of Helen and her team as this tale twists and turns. As the case progresses the search is for links between victims. If there is one can it have a bearing on current events?

The novel is told from various points of view but, yippee, not from the killer’s so the readers can investigate and speculate to their heart’s content along with the detectives.

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