Guidebook to Murder by Lynn Cahoon (A Tourist Trap Mystery #1)

Guidebook to Murder by Lyn Cahoon

Guidebook to Murder is the first book in the new Tourist Trap Mystery cozy series by Lynn Cahoon. I bought the book because of two main reasons: first the cover. I love it, it’s so appealing! And second – again, the cover: because it is about books. And how can I resist reading a book about books – especially when it involves murder? Of course, since it’s the first in a new series, it makes it more fun to read as it means I don’t have to catch up to other book prior to this. The story follows Jill Gardner, […] Read more »

The Pot Thief Who Studied Pythagoras by J. Michael Orenduff (A Pot Thief Murder Mystery #1)

The Pot Thief by J. Michael Orenduff

Oh what a delightful cozy mystery this was! The Pot Thief Who Studied Pythagoras is the first book in the A Pot Thief Murder Mystery series by J. Michael Orenduff. I’ve picked it up at Netgalley since the subject intrigued me. A thief who is supposed to solve crimes and knows a bit about Pythagoras (the bane of my early school existence)! I’ve never heard of this author before and I really didn’t know what to expect. For sure not a fun, full of humor and attention grabbing book! Hubert Schuze is a pot thief. He is also the owner of a […] Read more »

Murder on the Mind by L.L. Bartlett (Jeff Resnick Mystery #1)

Murder on the Mind by L.L. Bartlett

Murder on the Mind is the first book in the Jeff Resnick mystery series. When I downloaded it from Amazon (it was free), I was truly excited, because from the synopsis I understood that it is slightly paranormal in nature. Following a mugging, the main character, Jeff, becomes psychic, which means that he can see the murders in his mind, and has the ability to help solve the cases (which he actually does in this book). Jeff is a laid off insurance investigator in New York city, who has a prospect in sight for a new job. One night going […] Read more »

Double Dip by Gretchen Archer (Davis Way Crime Caper #2)

Double Dip by Gretchen Archer

Double Dip by the author Gretchen Archer is the second book in the Davis Way Crime Caper cozy mystery series. I’ve read and reviewed the first book, Double Whammy, not long ago, so it’s still fresh in my mind. I remember really warming up to the character of Davis and was looking forward to seeing what she’s been up to in this sequel, as being an undercover investigator in a casino in Biloxi, Mississippi. The main story in this second novel, as the title also reveals, is about a double dip around a slot tournament – about someone working two […] Read more »

Deadly Ambition by Laura Bradford (Jenkins & Burns Mysteries 3.5)

Deadly Ambitions is a relatively short novella (under 100 pages) in the Jenkins & Burns cozy mystery series by Laura Bradford. I always enjoyed reading her books and I’ve actually read all previous 3 books in this series without realizing that they are part of a series. I’ve read them several years apart from each other, and at the time they all had different names. Only when I got Deadly Ambition from Netgalley to read and review I realized that indeed they are all part of the Jenkins and Burns mysteries. If you’re not sure whether you’ve read the previous books, […] Read more »

Double Whammy by Gretchen Archer (Davis Way Crime Caper #1)

Double Whammy by Gretchen Archer

The reason why I started reading Double Whammy by Gretchen Archer is that I got the second book in the Davis Day Crime Caper cozy series from NetGalley to read and review, and I just hate to start a series anywhere but at the beginning. So knowing that there is already a book published in the series, I just had to get it. And I have to say my money was well spent. Davis Day from Pine Apple, Alabama (yes, that’s spelled correctly, along with her name) is an ex-police officer who had been working with her dad at the […] Read more »

10 Funny Punny Titled Cozy Mysteries

Chili Con Carnage by Kylie Logan

If you like to read cozies, these 10 funny punny titled cozy mysteries will leave you chuckling and nodding in agreement. If you don’t read this genre, you might be wondering what on Earth I’m talking about. Well, the dictionary calls a pun a play on words or a word/phrase that sounds like something else. And cozy mystery authors are experts in making up fumy and sometimes hilarious titles to their stories. Simply by changing a word or two a phrase will suddenly take on a completely different meaning – usually related to murder. However as we know that cozies […] Read more »

The Edwin Drood Murders by Christopher Lord (Dickens Junction Mystery #2)

The Edwin Drood Murders

I’ve literally finished reading The Edwin Drood Murders about half an hour ago and I still have a big smile on my face. Strange right? I mean it’s a murder mystery, how can it make me smile? Well, for one, that’s the nature of cozies – even murders and the hunt for the killers are described in a lighter tone, which doesn’t involve much hair rising, nail biting and edge of your seat suspense. However even more importantly, it takes a really good book to leave you smiling and thinking about it fondly once you’ve closed its (virtual) pages. When […] Read more »

The Christmas Carol Murders by Christopher Lord (Dickens Junction Mystery #1)

The Christmas Carol Murders

Having just finished The Christmas Carol Murders, the cozy mystery is still fresh in my mind, so here are my impressions after a night’s sleep over it. First of all, I need to mention something because I know there are people who care about these things: the book is a cozy mystery involving a gay guy. There. I’ve said it. So if you’re bothered about this aspect, just don’t read further – although I think you’d be cheating yourself out of a really great new cozy series if do you so. The Christmas Carol Murders is the first book in the […] Read more »