Book Review: Caught in Time by Julie McElwain

Caught in Time Kendra Donovan Julie McElwain

Caught in Time by Julie McElwain is the third novel in the Kendra Donovan historical mystery series with a time-travel element. I first started reading this series because it was advertised as a time-travel mystery. I love both time travel and murder mysteries, so I was pretty sure I would be in for a wild ride. The first book, A Murder in Time, was indeed a time-travel story. Kendra Donovan, an FBI agent, while pursuing a villain, jumps through a wormhole that takes her to 1815 to England. In the first book, it was all about her adjusting to her […] Read more »

Book Review: Chasing Ivan by Tim Tigner

Chasing Ivan Tim Tigner

Chasing Ivan is a prequel novella in a spy thriller series by a new author to me, Tim Tigner. After recently reading Mark Dawson’s latest John Milton book, I got in the mood once again to read spy and political thrillers. You know, those in the veins of Jason Bourne, Jack Reacher, Pike Logan, Mitch Rapp, and so on. But I wanted to read something new, to find new authors. And find I did. First I picked up Ben Coes’s Dewey Andreas series, and having finished the latest book, a related Goodreads screen showed me the Kyle Achilles series by […] Read more »

Book Review: Shooting Gallery by Ben Coes

Shooting Gallery Ben Coes

I’m a huge spy-thriller fan, and I’ve been meaning to read the Dewey Andreas series by Ben Coes for a while now. I know that a new book is being released later this year with the title Bloody Sunday, so I got all the previous books, loaded them on my iPad and took them with me on my holidays abroad to read. Currently, the latest published book is a short novella titled Shooting Gallery, with Bloody Sunday to be published next month in July. Now, Shooting Gallery is just a short story, but it’s just as action-packed as the author’s […] Read more »

Book Review: Redeemer by Mark Dawson

Redeemer by Mark Dawson

After a one-year wait, finally, the latest John Milton book is here. I first learned about Mark Dawson last year, when I literally binge-read all the previous 11 books in the series. Once I read everything, it felt strange to no longer have a new John Milton book to pick up. It was absolutely a blast reading the Mark Dawson books in order for his John Milton series, which were followed by Beatrix Rose and Isabella Rose. This year, while waiting for the latest Milton book, I also picked up the Group Fifteen Files novellas, which are some great fillers […] Read more »

Book Review: Reset by Brian Andrews

Reset by Brian Andrews

I picked up Reset by Brian Andrews as I’ve read several of his books in the past (including The Calypso Directive and Ring of Flowers), so I knew I would be in great company for the next couple of hours. The story begins with a mystery right from the first few pages. We meet some guy in a straight jacket in an asylum who has an interesting story to tell. Next, we meet Sergeant Michael Pitcher who is on tour in Afghanistan. While there, deep in the Tora Bora Mountains in a cave, he discovers some strange object for which he […] Read more »

Book Review: The Craftsman by Sharon Bolton

The Craftsman by Sharon Bolton

The Craftsman by Sharon Bolton came out on the Kindle a few days ago, so I picked it up as I couldn’t wait to read it. So far I’ve read all the Sharon Bolton books in order, and I was eagerly anticipating The Craftsman‘s release.  And wow what a book this was! The book’s main protagonist is Assistant Commissioner Florence ‘Flossie’ Lovelady, who tells her story from two points of view: the present (end of the 1990s) and the past (end of the 1960s). We first meet her as she is standing at a funeral where apparently people hated the dead […] Read more »

Book Review: Shattered Mirror by Iris Johansen

Shattered Mirror by Iris Johansen - Eve Duncan #23

In the latest Eve Duncan novel by Iris Johansen, Shattered Mirror, the focus shifts back to Eve once again, much to the delight of the series’ fans. In Mind Game, we were transported to Scotland and had a deeper meeting with Jane and her ancient queen, Cira. Now, it seems that Eve’s forensic sculpting abilities are again highly sought after when someone leaves a badly burned skull in front of Eve’s home for her to reconstruct. But who is the one who left the skull behind nicely wrapped in a box, and whom does the skull belong anyway? In Shattered […] Read more »

Book Review: The Fallen by David Baldacci

The Fallen David Baldacci

In The Fallen, we return to one of our favorite characters by David Baldacci, Amos Decker. This time around, Amos and his friend, Alex Jamison, are in the small and forgotten town of Baronville visiting Alex’s family. For the latecomers to this series, reading the David Baldacci books in order for this series is recommended. Not a must, but recommended. You’ll get to learn the tragic past Amos is trying to put behind him and move on. You’ll learn about his special abilities and how he deals with them. You’ll also get to know the complex and larger-than-life character that is […] Read more »

Book Review: The Assassin by Mark Dawson

The Assassin Mark Dawson

The Assassin is the latest book in the Isabella Rose spy thriller series by one of my favorites authors in the genre, Mark Dawson. If you like spy thrillers, books with assassins, hitmen, and shady organizations, reading the Mark Dawson books in order will give you a world where you constantly crave the next story to come out. You won’t get enough. I know I don’t. First, it was John Milton. I was hooked on that series. Next, I’ve read the Beatrix Rose series. I was still hooked. And now, we have already the 4th book in the Isabella Rose […] Read more »

Book Review: Hold Back the Dark by Kay Hooper

Kay Hooper Hold Back the Dark

Hold Back the Dark is the latest installment in the Kay Hooper Bishop/SCU paranormal thriller series. I’ve been reading the books from the very first one and I got hooked right away. Now I’m always getting the latest sequel as soon as it’s out, literally within days. Reading the Kay Hooper books in order is a real treat if you like anything paranormal in your mysteries and thrillers. The author has this genre down pat. I think my ever first book was Once a Thief in the Quinn/Thief series, and soon after I discovered the Bishop series as well. In Hold […] Read more »