Book Review: The Final Deception by Heather Graham (New York Confidential #5)

The final Deception by Heather GrahamThe Final Deception, the latest book in the New York Confidential romantic suspense series by Heather Graham is also the last in this series. Yes, as disappointed as I am with the word “last,” it is indeed the finale, the conclusion to this awesome series featuring Kieran and Craig, aka psychologist Kieran Finnegan and FBI agent Craig Fraiser.

After getting over my shock about the finale, I dove in and only came up for some air every now and then. This book is “sick.” It features a sick serial killer named The Fireman who was initially caught but then escaped from prison for the obvious reasons. Without that move, the story would end right then and there.

When Craig is called to a particularly gruesome crime scene only days after The Fireman was caught, he notices the MO is pretty obvious and the first thought in everyone’s mind is “This must be the world of The Fireman.” Or is it? Because it could be also a very smart copycat at work.

Kieran and Craig team up once again for a last time to catch the killer, and in the process, they come across a web of deceit that goes quite deep into the dungeons of the rich and privileged. Both Kieran and Craig have ties to the serial killer, as Craig was involved in catching the guy, and Kieran was the psychologist who interviewed him while he was in prison. Thus, they are both very invested in catching him once again before more people die. Because The Fireman is sure that God told him to kill, and he will never stop until he is caught and put away once again, for good this time.

The story is, for the most part, fast-paced, although it slows down at times. There are some interesting twists and turns, some of which I didn’t see coming. There were many threads to try to unravel, some crazier than others. Also, the usual steamy sex, which the author is known for (nothing all too kinky, just hot enough to make you feel those butterflies), is present here as well.

My favorite character in the series is Kieran. She is one feisty redhead, a strong character I really look up to. I love reading books with dynamic and strong female leads, and this series, and particularly this book, doesn’t disappoint. I often found the protectiveness of her Irish brothers toward her endearing and so fun. They are a loving family, and I always get a cozy feeling when reading about them.

I also enjoyed the relationship between the main characters. They are close to each other, but also respect each other and each other’s line of work. Also, Craig is so protective of and worried about Kiernan, I really liked that.

Having read the whole New York Confidential series, I can easily say that if you have read the previous books in the series, you will feel very at home with this book. However, if you are new to the series, or even new to the Heather Graham books, you will be able to enjoy the story and pick up the thread right away and not feel like you missed a lot because you read the story out of order.

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