Book Review: Hindsight by Iris Johansen (Kendra Michaels #7)

Book Review: Hindsight by Iris Johansen (Kendra Michaels #7)While the Eve Duncan series in the Iris Johansen books is my favorite, Kendra Michaels comes as a close second. Over the last 7 books, Kendra has undergone an amazing transformation that most people just ever dream of.

After being blind for so long – for the first 20 years of her life, she had surgery that restored her eyesight. However, through those many years of blindness, she honed some skills that most people never really use. Her senses have become way sharper than normal, so her keen observation skills put her in a position to help authorities bring bad guys to justice.

Hindsight takes Kendra back to her roots, at the school for the blind where she’s spent most of her previous life, called the Woodward Academy for the Physically Disabled in Oceanside, CA. The book starts with a bang. While in the middle of an OP that goes sideways in the Middle East, Kendra is shipped – against her will, mind you – back home until things settle down.

She is all too furious with the person who facilitated this very move home, Adam Lynch, who also happens to be the one to make her heart flutter whenever his name is mentioned.

Still, once back home, Kendra gets pulled into two murder cases that happened at her former school when two staff members are killed, and she knows she can’t stay away since this time, it is all too personal. The more she gets involved in the case, the more dangerous it becomes for her, and Adam feels it’s his job to protect her even if she doesn’t like the idea. Eventually, Kendra realizes that she does need his help and reluctantly accepts his offers of being near her during the case.

The story is a typical romantic suspense that Iris and Roy Johansen are well known for. There is a lot of suspense, action, and numerous twists and turns the author duo keeps pulling off. There is always something going on that doesn’t let the reader get bored with the story even for a bit. The conspiracy is well put together, and I really didn’t see that part coming.

One thing I most enjoyed in the book was the relationship between Kendra and Adam. Except for the obvious attraction, they also had a past (a mistake, as she calls it), so the waters are quite muddied in there between the two.

Adam clearly feels strongly about her as well, but he hides his feeling behind his flippant, funny, and often ironic remarks that make Kendra often want to slap him. As for Kendra, she can’t really think clearly when she’s near him, despite her being very vocal against him. Granted, there are some things she has a good reason to be angry about.

However, in this particular book, probably my most favorite character is Harley the dog. He is an unusual creature, and the way he wormed his way into the hearts and homes of Kendra and her friend Olivia was endearing. I hope he will feature in future books as well; he definitely is a character.

Overall, a great beach read or a fun book to cozy up with around the fire when the cold, harsh winter winds are howling out there.

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