Snuff by Melissa Simonson (FBI SSA Maxwell #3)

Snuff by Melissa Simonson

Snuff by Melissa Simonson is the 3rd book in the FBI SSA Maxwell crime mystery series. There are 4 books in this series (with one more to be published later), however having read the 3rd book, I can definitely say at least this book can be read as standalone novel, as there is hardly anything that is connected to the previous ones in the series, and everything we need to know about the main characters is well defined here. Having said that, I’ll definitely get the previous books as well, because if they’re as good as this one, I’ll be […] Read more »

Festive In Death by J.D. Robb (In Death #39)

Festive in Death

Festive In Death is the 39th book in the popular In Death futuristic crime mystery series, featuring the feisty police detective Eve Dallas and Roarke, her husband and the love of her life (and the wet dream of every girl under the age of 100 – although come to think of it re. wet dreams – he might just have gotten major competition in Jamie Fraser from Outlander aka Sam Heughan – just sayin’). Reading the J.D. Robb books in order is a must and if you are here and you haven’t picked up the previous books, you should go […] Read more »

Dead Scared by S.J. Bolton (Lacey Flint #2)

Dead Scared by S. J. Bolton

Dead Scared is the second book in the Lacey Flint series by Sharon Bolton. Having read all the 5 books (4 main books and the shorter novella), I have to admit that this second installment is my absolute favorite so far. After the scary events in book 1, Now You See Me, Lacey is still working at the police as a detective, and now she is sent undercover to Cambridge, as a student, to mingle with folks and observe. Her boss (and love interest) DI Mark Joesbury, is not all that thrilled to send her undercover, however, others have more say […] Read more »

Hat Dance by Carmen Amato (Emilia Cruz Mysteries #2)

Hat Dance by Carmen Amato

Hat Dance is book #2 in the Emilia Cruz crime mystery series set in Acapulco by Carmen Amato. Emilia is the very first and currently only female detective on the force, and her struggles to be accepted by her colleagues seems to be just as fierce as they were in the first novel. Her previous partner has been recently killed on the job and now she is reluctantly teamed up with Franco Silvio, a senior detective who has just as a bad attitude towards her as he is good at his job. And he is a very good detective. Reading […] Read more »

Cliff Diver by Carmen Amato (Emilia Cruz Mysteries #1)

Cliff Diver by Carmen Amato

Cliff Diver by Carmen Amato is the first book in the Emilia Cruz mystery series. I got both Carman Amato books in the series from the author with a request to read and review. When I went in June for holidays, I took both books with me and read them while away. Cliff Diver follows young detective Emilia, who has a tough job to do, being the only female detective in Acapulco among all the macho male policemen who don’t think of her all too high and definitely don’t want her in their midst. Luckily she got teamed up with Rico, […] Read more »

If Snow Hadn’t Fallen by S. J. Bolton (Lacey Flint #1.5)

If Snow Hadn't Fallen by S. J. Bolton

At less than 100 pages If Snow Hadn’t Fallen is a rather short novella in the Lacey Flint crime series by S. J. Bolton. The story picks up shortly (I think about a week) after the events in Now You See Me, which was the first book in the series featuring a range of gruesome murders done by a Jack the Ripper copycat. Lacey is recovering from the traumatic events and has literally cut any ties with anyone from the police force, including DI Mark Joesbury, her current love interest (well, more interest and less consumed love really). On a […] Read more »

Now You See Me by S. J. Bolton (Lacey Flint #1)

Now You See Me by S. J. Bolton

Now You See Me is the first book in the Lacey Flint mystery/thriller series by Sharon Bolton. I had most of the books in the series for a while now, and since I’ve just bought the very latest one, I figured it’s time to read them all – in the proper chronological order. I’ve read 4 books in the series already, although that might have been a mistake: I should have reviewed the first before reading the next, as now as I know already a lot about Lacey’s past, so I’ll have to be very careful to not give away […] Read more »

Never Alone by C J Carpenter (Megan McGinn #1)

Never Alone by C.J. Carpenter

Never Alone is the first book in the Megan McGinn crime mystery series by C.J. Carpenter. When browsing Netgalley for something new to read, I came across this book and I liked the blurb, so I requested it. It took me about a month to get to it, but finally I’ve read it and here is my review. Megan McGinn is an Irish catholic police detective with the NYPD. She comes from a family of police officers, her father having been one in his time as well. Megan has just solved a major crime, putting behind bars a very dangerous […] Read more »

Chimeras by E.E. Giorgi (Track Presius #1)

Chimeras by E E Giorgi

Chimeras is the first book in the Track Presius series by E. E. Giorgi. It is also the author’s debut novel. I received the book from the author with a request to read and review, and as it is a first in a new series, which means that I don’t have to read any previous ones to catch up to, I was happy to. I do have to put the negative right up front: after a few pages, I almost gave up on the book. I was reading and not understanding what I was reading. I put the book down and […] Read more »

Book Tour/Review And Giveaway: Death Bed By Leigh Russell (DI Geraldine Steel #4)

Death Bed by Leigh Russell

Death Bed is the 4th DI Geraldine Steel book by Leigh Russell. I usually don’t start a book anywhere but at the first in the series, however as I joined the book tour for this author’s novel, there wasn’t enough time to read the previous 3 books. I also didn’t know what to expect, this author being new to me. All I knew is that the storyline takes place in the UK. Geraldine Steel has recently transferred to London, coming from Kent – a place which is looked upon as the backyard of the country by her fellow police officer […] Read more »

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