Festive In Death by J.D. Robb (In Death #39)

Festive in DeathFestive In Death is the 39th book in the popular In Death futuristic crime mystery series, featuring the feisty police detective Eve Dallas and Roarke, her husband and the love of her life (and the wet dream of every girl under the age of 100 – although come to think of it re. wet dreams – he might just have gotten major competition in Jamie Fraser from Outlander aka Sam Heughan – just sayin’).

Reading the J.D. Robb books in order is a must and if you are here and you haven’t picked up the previous books, you should go back and start with #1. You’ll thank me for it.

Roarke is not only extremely good looking, he is also great in bed (if Eve’s shy comments are to go by), the wealthiest guy on Earth (and beyond), an ex-criminal who got redeemed through Eve’s love…and who adores her to the next galaxy and back – and we’re now in book 39, and his starstruck adoration for her still going strong. Go figure. So what is not to love about him anyway?

So back to the story. Eve enjoys her life as a great detective and wife (and lover) of Roarke. That is with the exception of the occasional parties to host for various celebrations throughout the year. And speaking of parties, there is one just around the corner, masquerading as the innocent celebration of Christmas.

Eve is suddenly overwhelmed by it all – she has to do shopping (SHOPPING!!!) for all her friends, and she has no clue how to go about it until she gets help from an old friend. Problem solved. But the next one is even worse: wrap the hundreds of packages on her own. When Summerset (aka the devil) strikes a deal with her, she is not sure what is worst: do the wrapping on her own, or do Summerset’s bidding: he will take over the gift wrapping as long as she will be around to organize and oversee said Christmas festivities.

Thank God for a crime committed in the nick of time to save her from the nightmarish domestic problems. When one of her friends calls her frantically when she comes upon a body during an innocent break-in (long story), Eve figures duty calls, so off she goes to solve the case.

The more she investigates, the more she realizes that the murdered guy, a personal trainer with the name Trey Zigler, had the death coming to him and even more. He was king of scums, a rapist and an egocentric-narcissist with no regard for anyone else but himself. Still, a crime has been committed, and Eve takes every crime seriously, regardless who the victim was.

The crime story itself was not a major case, I mean Eve has solved way more serious crimes throughout her previous 38 cases. She could have solved it well on her own along with her friend and partner Detective Peabody, but then Roarke who pretty much owns the world(s) by now, would have felt bored if he hadn’t come to help her save the day. And save they did.

Problem is, they saved it so well that there was plenty of time for Eve to get back to the mansion to organize the Christmas festivities under Summerset’s suspicious eyes.

I loved the book, just as I loved every other In Death novel, but in this one, I really enjoyed her emotional turmoil and horror at having to do domestic stuff, and less her crime-solving abilities (which were exemplary as always). As a detective she is tough as nails and cold as ice, but when she is at home with Roarke, we see her shed her cold skin and become her real, vulnerable self.

I always chuckle at her petty fights with Summerset and the horrible names she gives him. She really makes him become bigger than life itself (you know how a spider can become a monster in the eyes of a kid). Roarke, of course, watches all this with a detached amusement and when things go really tough for Eve, he knows how to bring back her wits and good mood: a good rump in their oversized bed is the best cure in the world. And best done daily if possible.

(here I stop and dream)

Overall Festive in Death was a great book to read, although I do feel the early overjoy of reading an Eve Dallas novel slowly vaning, and becoming more like a well-worn coat, rather than the exciting new pair of shoes that cost twice your salary, which you managed to get for a tenner.

Nevertheless as a faithful reader of the In Death series, I will continue to buy and read the books as fast as J.D. Robb (aka Nora Roberts) can bring them to publication.

Festive In Death by J.D. Robb
Series: In Death #39
Published by Putnam Adult
Published 2014
Genres: Crime Mystery, Sci-Fi Thriller
Source: Purchased
Also by this author: Midnight in Death

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  1. I have read all of JD Robb books and think there’re great. Very entertaining, they keep you wanting more.

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